Year Long Fine Motor Crafts | Printable Classroom Resource | Glitter and Glue and Pre-K Too

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These year long simple crafts are perfect for strengthening student's fine motor skills. The best part about them is they are LOW PREP for you! Just print and add construction paper for students to cut/tear and glue. Use the completed projects to display on a bulletin board or give as a parent gift. Another option is to save them all and compile them into a keepsake book! Need an easy activity for a sub? Throw one of these in your emergency plans.

What's Included:

-32 Crafts (8 with multiple word options)
-Photo example & directions for each craft

-7 Keepsake book cover options

Complete list of the crafts

Star - You brighten up my life!/It’s going to be a bright year!

Apple - I apple-solutely love you!

Pumpkin - You’re my favorite pumpkin in the patch!

Candy corn - Trick or Treat!  Give me something good to eat!/There’s nothing corny about my love for you!

Acorn - I’m nuts about you!
Tree - You're Tree-mendous!

Leaf - I be-leaf in you!

Turkey - This little turkey loves you!

Gift - The best gifts come from the heart!

Santa hat – Santa believes in me.
Christmas Tree - You light up my life!

Winter Hat - You warm my heart!

Party hat - I can’t wait to spend the new year with you!/Happy New Year!
Penguin - Have an ice day!

Snowflake – I love you snow much!

Heart - I love you to pieces!

Donut - Donut forget how much I love you!

Shamrock - I’m Lucky because…/I’m lucky to be loved by you.

Rainbow – My favorite color of the rainbow is…/You are my rainbow on a rainy day!

Umbrella –I ’ve got you covered.

Bunny - Some bunny loves you!

Earth - I can help the Earth by…/You are my favorite thing on Earth!
Butterfly - My heart flutters for you!
Cactus - Let's stick together!

Flower - I couldn’t pick a better Mom (& other versions)

Sun –In the summer I love to…/You are my sunshine!
Fish - I o-fish-ally love you!

Popsicle - My Dad is the coolest (& other versions)

Watermelon - ____is one in a melon!/You are one in a melon!

Flag - I love the USA!/You are my favorite person in America!

Ice Cream - It’s cool spending time with you.

S’more – There’s no one that loves you s’more than I do!

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