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 Welcome to The Border Bar at Schoolgirl Style, where you will find hundreds of classroom bulletin board borders, in every style and color you can imagine! We love to mix and match different borders to create the ultimate border combo on bulletin boards!

We can't wait to see what you create! 

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Here are our top TEN ways to use borders in your classroom!
1.  Ok, ok.  The most obvious use is to adorn your bulletin boards with borders and more borders!  My favorite is the triple border combo.  The possibilites are endless!
2. The second use is one of my favorites.  Use Mavalus Tape to affix to the side of your teacher desk for an instant face lift!
3. You can place borders on the bottom of a home made curtain!  I simply wrap seamless paper around a curtain rod, and then staple border to the bottom of it!
4. I like to use borders around soup cans to create DIY pencil or marker holders for the students.  You can get as creative as you want!
5. Another way I like to use borders that ties into the DIY pencil holders is to take it one step further by wrapping kleenex boxes and/or cleaning products!
6. Tape borders to your window sills for an added bit of warmth to your room.  My favorite border to use for this is the this wood grain border, or this more natural wood version.
7. Another amazing use is taking the same wood grain border that I mentioned above, and cover a countertop with it.  I would advise against the sink area!  But any other counter tops are fair game.  The magic of Mavalus Tape and this border can hide any counter top color that doesn't vibe in your room.
8. After decorating your room, do you always have scrap pieces of border left?  If you leave these scrap pieces by your library, your sweet kids can use them as bookmarks!
9. Yet another use for borders is to frame inspirational posters around your classroom to always keep the students inspired!
10. TEN!!! I love to use Mavalus tape and line the back of bookshelves with borders to make it POP!
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