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Welcome to Hey, TEACH! – your ultimate destination for teacher lifestyle products that celebrate educators and their dedication to shaping young minds. In collaboration with Schoolgirl Style, we've curated a marketplace that brings you an exquisite collection of lanyards, jewelry, clothing, stationery, and drinkware, all designed to enhance your teaching experience while embracing your passion for education.


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Modern Made Company DD Design Co. Sprinkles and Beads
Love Jenny Lanyards The Pineapple Girl Design Co. Knots of Kindness
Crafting by Mayra Teacher Noire Pom Poms and Fringe
Crunches and Crayons


Welcome to the vibrant and bustling Hey, Teach! Marketplace! A unique online destination where educators can find an array of lifestyle products specifically tailored for their profession. This marketplace stands out as a one-of-a-kind hub, bringing together a diverse group of teacher sellers, each showcasing their unique talents and creativity. From the practical to the stylish, the Hey, Teach! Marketplace offers an extensive selection of items that cater to every aspect of a teacher's life. Whether you're in search of custom-designed lanyards to add a personal touch to your daily wear, trendy and comfortable teacher apparel to make your workday feel special, or personalized tumblers to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature during long hours in the classroom, this marketplace has it all. Additionally, it features an array of beautifully crafted notepads for lesson planning and organization, intricately designed macrame products for your classroom, and elegant teacher jewelry to add a touch of glamour to your teaching outfit.

Curated by Schoolgirl Style, a company renowned for its commitment to enhancing the teaching experience through stylish and functional products, the Hey, Teach! Marketplace is more than just a shopping destination; it's a community. Each shop within the marketplace is carefully selected to ensure a wide range of high-quality, teacher-focused products. The diverse offerings in the marketplace reflect the varied interests and needs of teachers, making it the go-to spot for educators looking to infuse their professional and personal lives with style and functionality. Schoolgirl Style's involvement guarantees a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, making it easy for teachers to find exactly what they need. Whether it's a unique piece of teacher jewelry to celebrate a special occasion or a set of elegantly designed notepads for everyday use, the Hey, Teach! Marketplace is the perfect place for educators to shop, connect, and find inspiration. Join this vibrant community and discover how these specially curated shops can enhance your teaching lifestyle.