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Schoolgirl Style designs classroom theme decor that help teachers transform their classroom into an organized home away from home.  We love to inspire teachers with beautiful classroom resources, ideas and management systems! We are excited to enhance your classroom experience with our large selection of bulletin board sets, banners, affirmation stations, calendars, borders, inspirational classroom headers, labels, posters, planners and MORE.
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10 easy classroom decorating ideas!

1.  Define and create spaces in your classroom with rugs and/or furniture.  My favorite is using bookshelves and a classroom rug to create a cozy corner!

2.  Use bulletin board paper as a base on your bulletin boards to showcase your classroom decor and educational resources to make them POP! 

3.  Bring nature into your classroom with plants and flowers.  Real or fake!  Either way has a calming effect on your brain and will help your students focus.

4. Fill in the negative space above your whiteboards with inspirational words and phrases to spread kindness and positivity in your classroom.

5.  Display student work.  This helps build community and confidence!

6.  In addition to student work, don't forget to celebrate their birthdays.  They LOVE this.  It makes them feel SO SPECIAL!

7.  Another way to build confidence is using an Affirmation Station in your classroom.  It's another way to talk about emotions, how they come and go, and infuse them with love and kindness.

8.  Build connection with your students by having your morning meeting on a classroom rug.
9.  Use nameplates and labels to organize all the things.  It will help the students know where to put items away after they are done using them and help carry a cohesive theme around the room. A small but mighty detail!
10.  Using door decor is the first thing you and your students will see everyday.  Make it a magical entrance with a door topper and/or a sweet note on the door! 

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Bulletin Board Inspiration

Bulletin boards are an amazing way to inspire your students!  From displaying student work or inspirational messages, rotating lessons, showcasing word walls, learning about the seasons, and so much more!

10 easy and inspirational bulletin boards

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Why is it important to decorate your classroom?

  • Most teachers spend more time in their classroom than they do in their own home, so it's nice to make it as inviting as possible.  You want you and your students to feel GOOD in their space.  To be excited and happy to be there everyday!  How does your favorite room in your house make you feel when you walk in?  Your classroom is the same way!  A place to inspire.  
  • Did you know that your environment can imprint on your emotions, mood, and desire to learn?  You can easily use classroom decor to enhance your space without making it too stimulating.  The balance of how much classroom decor will depend on you.  Follow your instinct. The smallest details make the biggest difference!
  • A study from the University of Salford states that attentively decorated classrooms can enhance learning by 25%!  
  • A good rule is to keep 20% of your walls bare. Classrooms should feel warm and inviting but not overcrowded.  
  • When your students walk into your room, they are subconsciously making a decision to engage or turn themselves off.  Their environment and YOU are the first impressions everyday where they will decide this.  
  • Your classroom decor can be a great teaching tool!

Undeniably, the most important thing is if your classroom and learning space make YOU happy as a teacher, then that energy will transfer to your students as well.  Whatever details (big or small) that create your happiness when you walk into your classroom everyday, your students will love as well!  


Ultimate Classroom Decor Bundles

The Schoolgirl Style Ultimate Classroom Decor Bundles are the perfect combination of Decor To Your Door, UPRINT, and UCUT so you can easily transform your classroom. These bundles give you all of the pre-printed and printable pieces from each collection so you have everything you need!



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The happiness that Schoolgirl Style brings to classrooms around the world makes my heart so full.  I was a teacher for 20 years, and I know and understand what it means to have an organzied and functional classroom.  Us teachers end up spending more time in our classrooms than we do at home!  I love to help you create a warm and inviting space for your students to be their best and create memories.  The connection they create with you and their peers has a lifelong impact.  Classroom decor can help you create that connection.  Even the smallest detail can create the biggest impact!

If you are looking for classroom decorations that transform any space to fabulous and fun, you have come to the right place!  You will find everything from borders, classroom calendars, affirmation stations, nameplates, name tags, cut-outs, classroom rugs, door toppers, door topper, and everything in between! 


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