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CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS: Our normal customer service hours are Mon-Fri from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you have a question about your purchase or troubleshooting, please review our FAQs below. 

DÉCOR INQUIRIES: Unfortunately due to the high volume of design questions and requests Melanie receives, she is not able to answer all of them. For more design inspiration and ideas, check out her Schoolgirl Style on Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube

WHERE IS MY DIGITAL DOWNLOAD? If you used your work/school email account and did not receive an email immediately following your transaction, please contact us. at customerservice@schoolgirlstyle.com. The Network Security Settings/Firewall Protection in place in some school districts prevent our emails and download links from delivering to your inbox - if this is the case, no worries!  We can also send your files to a different email address (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc)….Be sure to check your junk/spam folder too - sometimes our files like to hide there also.

If your question is not addressed, you may expect to receive a response within 24 hrs during our normal business hours.  If for some reason you haven’t received a response within that time frame, please contact us again at customerservice@schoolgirlstyle.com as the request may not have reached us.


PURCHASE  printables from Schoolgirl Style

SAVE the PDF to your computer

DOUBLE click to open your PDF

GO to “File” then choose “Print”

PRINT your PDF file

CUT out the design templates

 **Remember, please be sure to SAVE the files after you've downloaded them. The link does not work after you've clicked and downloaded.**  

 WHAT ARE PRINTABLES? A printable is a digital file of a graphic design created by Schoolgirl Style.  It is meant to be printed on paper.  Every printable is formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 inch standard sized sheet of paper.  High Gloss Photo Paper is recommended for printing. All Schoolgirl Style backgrounds, patterns, and colors are printed onto the paper you use to print. Schoolgirl Style recommends High Gloss photo paper for vibrancy and durability.  There’s no need to buy specially patterned paper or colored paper. Just print! 


*Printables are cost efficient and can be used over and over for one small price.

*Printables can be customized any way you would like for a much neater and cleaner appearance – no more handwriting!

*Create a more cohesive and coordinated look in your classroom by purchasing an entire themed décor package.

 WHY SCHOOLGIRL STYLE PRINTABLES? Schoolgirl Style takes pride in creating unique and quality products for the classroom.  With experienced design skills, each collection takes a great deal of time to create.  In addition, each item in the collection is printed out and tested to ensure that every product enhances the overall design.  Designs are tweaked, corrected, and made to perfection in the staging process before it is ever listed in the Schoolgirl Style Shop.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.

 ARE YOU TAKING CUSTOM ORDERS? Custom orders are taken on a discretionary basis and determined by Melanie’s availability.  Please do not hesitate to inquire.

CAN I EDIT THE PRINTABLES ONCE I PURCHASE THEM? Yes!  Schoolgirl Style printables are created with the option to add text.  Directions for adding text:  Editable PDF Instructions. Remember! Some templates come with text on them. In this case, the editable portions of the file are the blank templates in the file with the light blue box overlaying the template.

Editable PDF using a MAC Instructions from Schoolgirl Style

HOW DO THE EDITABLE PDFs WORK? The printables from Schoolgirl Style contain both Editable and Permanent features.

The Permanent features included in some of our printables are not editable - these include:  Letters on the ABC Alphabet Cards, Images, Letters on Word Wall Labels, etc.  No worries - In most cases, there is a blank portion of the file at the end to allow for your own customization too!    If a product is not specified as "editable" it does not include this feature.

The Editable PDFs have a PURPLE strip located at the top of the file, directly underneath the file menu.  Editable PDF's allow customers to insert customized text on the blank template with the light blue overlay.  Please see our Editable PDF Instructions for step-by-step instructions on how to change the font and size of the text.

 Please note:  The existing permanent text is not editable. 

 I HAVE A MAC; CAN I EDIT PRINTABLES? Yes! Thanks to a Schoolgirl Style follower, we have editable Mac instructions!

EDITABLE PDF using a MAC Instructions from Schoolgirl Style

CAN I PURCHASE PRINTABLE ITEMS using MY iPAD or iPHONE? Yes!  You can make purchases from the Schoolgirl Style Shop from your favorite tablet or other device.  However, be sure to open the product emails using your PC or MAC computer - the majority of the files arrive as "ZIP" files containing the Printables and will not always open correctly using your iPhone or iPad or other tablet device.

DO YOU EVER PRINT/ASSEMBLE THE ORDERS AND MAIL THEM OUT?   Print Services and Customization Services are NOT CURRENTLY available!

WHAT IS THE BEST TYPE OF PAPER TO USE? You should use High Gloss Photo Paper photo paper for best results.  You can also use self-adhesive paper, cut out your printables and adhere it to any surface.

WHAT ARE MY PRINTING OPTIONS? You can either use your own color ink-jet printer or print out at a local print shop (Staples, Kinkos, etc.)

SHOULD I PRINT MYSELF OR SEND THEM TO A PRINT SHOP? You can do either.  I would try your personal printer first and if you are not getting a quality image, I may consider taking it to a commercial print shop.  *If you choose to customize your printables with your own text, you CANNOT save your files, therefore, sending your items to a print shop will NOT be an option.

CAN YOU PRINT MORE THAN ONE TIME? Yes!  If you save your pdf file, you can print as many times as you would like!

DO I NEED TO BY ANY SOFTWARE? No.  ADOBE ACROBAT READER is the only PDF file viewer that can open and interact with all PDF documents.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download.  You will need this download to use the editable version of our printables.


*I PURCHASED A PRODUCT FROM SCHOOLGIRL STYLE, AND I DIDN'T RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM SCHOOLGIRL STYLE INCLUDING MY PRINTABLE.  HOW WILL MY PURCHASE BE DELIVERED?  Purchases from Schoolgirl Style are delivered electronically directly to the email address supplied on your order completion page.  Simply open the email and download the .pdf file.  (To open the pdf files, you will need Adobe Reader, which is a free download at adobe.com)  Sometimes emails are mistakenly sent to your Junk/Spam folders - be sure to mark Schoolgirl Style as a "Safe Sender" in your email account for future purchases! 

*I SEE FAINT WHITE LINES and/or BLACK LINES IN MY PRINTABLE AFTER I PRINTED.  WHAT CAN I DO?  White lines and black lines are caused by your printer.  This happens occasionally with some printers.  If you see white or black lines, you can correct it by going to “Advanced Settings” in your printer options, then click “Print Image.”  That should take care of it!

Usually, this plus sign means that there is extra text or spaces that is overflowing in the text box. You can press the plus sign to see the space or text. To get rid of the plus sign, just place your cursor at the end of the text you have written and hold the delete button. The plus sign should go away after the extra space or text has been deleted.

If the Avery 2x4 Labels printed off center or smaller than the label templates you've purchased, check to be sure that the "Print Actual Size" box is selected in your "Printer Options".

If you are experiencing this issue you will need to ajdust the Print Settings on your computer:
For the   6 inch Bird select FILE - PRINT -  PAGE SCALING - NONE
For the 10 inch Bird select FILE - PRINT -  PAGE SCALING  - PRINT TO FITABLE AREA

*I AM HAVING TROUBLE CUSTOMIZING MY LABELS.  WHAT SHOULD I DO?  Make sure that you follow the step by step editable pdf directions from Schoolgirl Style.   If you have followed the directions and you still can’t get it to work, it could be the type of computer you are using.  

EDITABLE PDF using a MAC: Editable PDF using a MAC

*I CUSTOMIZED MY LABELS AND WOULD LIKE TO SEND THEM TO AN OFFICE SUPPLY STORE TO BE PRINTED, BUT I CAN’T SAVE MY FILES.  WHAT DO I DO NOW?  Unfortunately, editable pdf’s cannot be saved on your computer.  Once you customize your labels, you need to print on your own printer OR use your school’s printer.

*I CANNOT OPEN THE PDF FILE BECAUSE IT SAYS THE FILE IS CORRUPT.  WHAT SHOULD I DO?  If for some reason it says that your file is corrupt, move the file to your desktop and open.  That should take care of it!


Items sold and shipped by Schoolgirl Style can be returned or replaced, when available, by mail within 90 days receipt unless otherwise noted.   For further assistance, please email customerservice@schoolgirlstyle.com. 
Items purchased from dealers or resellers and not www.shopschoolgirlstyle.com directly are not eligible for return, refund, or exchange.