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Classroom Makeovers for teachers!
Over the years, I have traveled all over the United States giving classroom makeovers to teachers.  It's part of our philanthropic mission here at Schoolgirl Style. What is a classroom makeover? It's when my team and I transform a classroom in 4 days for an amazing teacher!  We transform the entire space giving them new furniture, classroom decor, storage, paint, bulletin boards, and organizational systems. We flip it into an amazing space for the teacher and students. It's been a highlight of this SGS adventure over the years.  We can't wait to see who is next!
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There is a heartbeat behind each makeover --- the heartbeat of Schoolgirl Style -- to partner with teachers in making their classrooms extensions of their homes. Classroom makeovers, and the creation of beautiful classroom decor, has so much depth to it. Classrooms are little havens, safe places, where students can grow and learn. A place where they can ask questions and learn from mistakes. It's a place for them to call home. If you want to know my why behind everything I do, this is it!


You can shop our past classroom makeovers below by clicking on the classroom decor collection you love best!  There is inspiration around every corner!