Classroom decor themes

Schoolgirl Style has designed beautiful classroom decor themes and collections for teachers to help transform classrooms into a thriving environment for students to learn!

Below you will find our most popular classroom decor themes! Each one will help turn your classroom into a welcoming, beautiful and happy environment for your students!  We are blessed to be able to offer printable+editable classroom decor options as well as pre-printed classroom decor.  

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A dream for every teacher

We have designed classroom decor from boho to rainbows to pastels and everything in between!  Shop our collections below, or you can shop by Shop by Classroom Makeover!

Classroom decor can have a significant impact on student learning and behavior.

Some benefits include:

  1. Creating a positive and engaging learning environment
  2. Promoting creativity and inspiration
  3. Establishing a sense of pride and ownership among students
  4. Improving motivation and attitude towards learning
  5. Reducing stress and anxiety
  6. Supporting a growth mindset
  7. Encouraging positive behavior and reducing distractions
  8. Bringing in textures in your classroom to create a welcoming and cozy "home away from home" feeling for your students. 

It's important for teachers to consider the colors, images, and organization of their classroom to create an atmosphere that is both functional and inspiring for their students. 

Teachers are the heartbeat behind everything we do! We love to design a variety of themes to meet the needs of teachers.

Your classroom is a place to harbor connections with your students. 

It's like the warm hug they need every morning when the day begins.  Schoolgirl Style offers a variety of classroom decor for Elementary Teachers, and beautiful mix and match products for Middle School and High School Teachers. 

Lastly, we love to help you create an environment for your students that is extension of who you are as a teacher, but also captivates your students and helps them feel welcome in a space where they often spend more time in than their own homes. 

Shop our most popular Classroom Decor Collections.

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