We invite you to DREAM BIG with us.

To walk in and see a classroom decorated with love.  A classroom to celebrate learning.  A place to reflect your personality.  An environment to inspire.  

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Rugs are a place to Gather and Connect

Schoolgirl Style Rugs to match every classroom

New Year. New Beginnings. New Arrivals.

Simply Stylish Boho Rainbow

The Simply Stylish Boho Rainbow collection rings kindness and light. Even in the neutral tones, it boldly declares that "together is better". Timeless rainbows, enchanting lightbulbs, darling hearts and inspiring messages written in captivating fonts are the essence of this collection.

Black, White & Stylish Brights

The Black, White and Stylish Brights collection is a collision of sophistication and fun! The combination of the timeless black and white, and the bold beautiful colors is truly stunning.

Simply Boho

The Simply Boho collection is a one-of-a-kind style, that is the epitome of beauty, elegance and warmth in classroom decor. So many details make this collection unique, and truly bring the boho feel to your classroom. 

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Schoolgirl Style Planners

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Classroom Inspiration

All of your classroom decor inspiration in one place!

Color Stories

Our collections are carefully curated with color stories in mind.  We study the trends and compliment that with how students learn best around certain colors. We find inspiration around every corner.

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