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New in 2023

Midnight Meadow

This collection feels like reading your favorite book in a nook of the most dreamy garden. Classic classroom details like flair pens (a teacher's BFF) and notebook paper will dance on your walls, while fun pops of mushrooms and moody florals will make your students' smile. This collection ushers Emily Dickinson vibes, encouraging students to travel through books, to lands far away.

Little Miss Retro

Retro vibes meet dreamy designs with our Little Miss Retro classroom decor collection! This collection feels like a disco dance party for life! The details - puffy star delight - stunning 70's inspired floral print - beautiful muted tones - this collection will bring a sense of playfulness and warmth to your classroom. Give your room the perfect groovy, retro vibes with our Little Miss Retro classroom decor collection!

Sprinkle Kindness

The Sprinkle Kindness collection is quintessential rainbow happiness, with the dreamiest "dancing in the rain" kind-a-of-palette! The pieces in this collection are where boho meets classic rainbow, and it's a duo dreams are made of. When this collection dances on your walls the feeling is light-hearted and chirper-moods with the details of friendship beads, classic hearts, peppy sunbeams and darling rainbows! 

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