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This Google Slides Digital Decoding Activity is great to use to work on decoding specific phonics patterns, to build confidence, and to practice fluency with repeated word reading. With multiple themes for each month, this phonics focused decoding routine can be used all year long as a quick Morning Meeting decoding activity! This routine works well at the beginning of the day during Morning Meeting, or during small groups if you want to differentiate, and eventually as a whiteboard literacy center/partner activity where students take turns leading each other through the slides. You can easily align this decoding activity to the Science of Reading by choosing phonics patterns that match up to the scope & sequence you are using!

What's included?

  • 84 Google Slides with monthly themes (holiday and typical)
  • 84 printable student pages for follow up decoding practice
  • 10 Bonus Gifs Google Slides

How do you use this resource?

  • Once you download the PDF, you will find specific directions explaining how to use this resource.
  • You will be clicking the provided links to “copy each document” and directly open in your own Google Slides.
  • From there, you will add your own words that you choose (phonics patterns, sight words, letters etc.)
  • Then you will follow the routine with each slide, during Morning Meeting (or small groups, and eventually literacy centers).

The Routine:

  • Display the new slide and you say the top “Teacher, Teacher, What do you see?” (for example) and then students will say the next line: “I see readers looking at me!”
  • Next, students will decode and read each word you listed on the slide as you point to each word.
  • For fluency practice- you can have students reread the words 2-3 times.
  • As a follow up, after the words on a slide are read, students can fill out their own paper page to refer back to throughout the week/month to practice. These are great to send home!

Who are these Daily Morning Meeting Digital Decoding Slides for?

  • Classroom Teachers (primarily Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade)
  • Special Education Teachers with student decoding goals
  • Reading Specialists, Reading Interventionists, Reading Teachers
  • ESL Teachers
  • Tutors
  • Classroom Assistants or Aides

Incorporating these slides as part of your daily Morning Meeting routine will lead to more confident decoders! They work great in whole group settings for Morning Meeting, in small groups for differentiation, or in an interactive whiteboard literacy center.

The goal with using these decoding activity Google Slides is to get readers to work on decoding and build confidence!

I hope you and your students love focusing on decoding words with various phonics patterns using this Digital Decoding Activity for Morning Meeting!


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