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If you are looking for a way to get your students to enjoy writing, I have the perfect resource for you!
By offering a variety of categories and allowing your students to choose a topic, your students will be asking you to write! Students can view their options, select something they want to work on, and then be instructed on how to write it through a step-by-step approach. They then test their new writing skills with simple practice pages that you can review and provide feedback on. This interactive system is tested and trusted by thousands of teachers!
With this resource, you will receive...
  • 40 Interactive Word Wall Headers - I offer these headers a variety of formats for you to choose from. You can choose between two fonts, colored printing, black and white, etc. There are 240 in all to choose from!
  • 40 Sampler Cards: These will accompany your headers on your bulletin board, trifold, or board display. They give your students a brief look at what each task will require them to do. There are 160 in all to choose from!
  • 214 Instructional, Sample, and Student Work Pages: There is a wide range of complexity within the topics. See them below. My goal was so that there were tasks that would be easy for everyone to tasks that took a bit more planning and thought.
  • Answer Keys: Please note that most of the tasks do not require an answer key. The majority will simply be assessed by you to see whether or not each student truly understands the topic(s) they are working on.
  • Covers: Covers will be placed on the front of your designated Writing Center bin, the front of your Folder Station, and on student folders. I offer a variety of each, so that you can choose which color and/or format fits you and your classroom best. The cover for the Writing Center bin provides directions on how students should utilize the center.
  • Student Tracking Forms: It will be critical that students have a place to record when they began a task, when a task ends, teacher signature of approval, and grade given by you. Every time they complete a task, the you will sign off on these forms.
  • Student/Teacher Discussion Form: This is a great communication tool. When you check student work within their folders, you will check their discussion forms to see if they are struggling with a certain topic. You can leave comments for the student to read, such as a date that you will work to resolve their concerns.
  • Student Tickets of Concern: Students have the option of turning in a "Ticket of Concern" when something is troubling them. It is yet another option of communication between the student and the teacher.
  • Center Feedback Tickets: You can choose to give these to your students every time they complete a center or not. I love them, because they are a simple way for your students to say if a task was "too easy," "just right," or "too difficult."
  • Display Letters for a Bulletin Board: These letters say "Let's Write!" They are available in both backline format and a colored option that matches the colors used in the headers.
  • Decorative Pencils for Bulletin Board
  • Printable Tabs for Hanging File Folders
  • All of the Original Writing Center Files!!
  • Detailed guidance on how you can use this resource in your classroom. REMEMBER THAT YOU DO NOT NEED A BULLETIN BOARD! You can choose to display a couple of topics to your students a week if you would like. You are in complete control!
  • An overview of materials included and how to utilize them.
  • Discussion and pictures of items that I used to set up my center as a bulletin board/Writing Station.
⭐️ This center teaches and assesses a variety of topics. Everything from grammar, reading skills, writing, sentence structure, understanding writing conventions, and more!

Here are a few topics that are addressed...

✏️ Short Stories
✏️ Poetry
✏️ Fractured Fairy Tales
✏️ News Articles
✏️ Summaries
✏️ Main Ideas
✏️ Book Reviews
✏️ Mysteries
✏️ Biographies
✏️ Blog Posts
✏️ How-To Paragraphs

...and SO MUCH MORE!

"I just set up my first set of work on writing choices, and the kids were very engaged! I love all of the options provided. The quality is great! Thank you so much for creating this awesome resource!" - Mandy R.


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