Digital Beach Day Activities for the End of the Year

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Celebrate the end of the year, as you review math and literacy skills, with The Case of the Beach Bandit Digital Beach Day Activities! Your students will be highly engaged as they complete 8 different challenges to eliminate the suspects and discover who has stolen the missing beach bag!

After they complete each escape room challenge, they will move further along the path. A hidden suspect will be uncovered and eliminated after each challenge. Once all 8 beach day activities have been completed, they will have eliminated all but one suspect!

There are 4 math and 4 literacy digital beach day activities included in PowerPoint, Google Slides and Seesaw. Targeted skills: recognizing rhymes, segmenting CVC words, identifying beginning blends (bl & br), building sentences, measuring with nonstandard units of measure, adding fluently, modeling subtraction problems, and using base ten blocks to show numbers as 10 and some more.

These digital beach day activities are no prep!  Choose to use the end of the year digital escape room for whole or small group instruction, or assign it as an independent activity.

Save time and make the end of the year a memorable (and learning-filled) celebration with these digital end of the year activities!

A note from the beach goer reads:

I had a beach day,

Scheduled and planned.

But first I need you,

To lend a hand!

The beach bag is gone.

Where did it go?

Who could have it,

I do not know!

Complete each challenge,

And when you’re done,

Eliminate the suspects.

One by one!

1. Clam Challenge - Stretch out each CVC word. Then, drag the shells to build the word.

2. Shell Challenge - Drag the shells to complete each number sentence. Then, type the answer.

3. Sunglasses Challenge - Drag each picture to the sunglasses next to its rhyming picture.

4. Shovel Challenge - Drag the base ten blocks to each shovel to show the number with 10 and some more.

5. Bucket Challenge - Listen for the beginning blend (bl & br), and drag each picture to the correct bucket.

6. Surfboard Challenge - Drag the shells to measure each surfboard. Count how many, and type the number.

7. Sandcastle Challenge - Drag the words into the correct order to make the sentence.

8. Beach Ball Challenge - Drag the correct number of beach balls to the girl to solve the problem. Type the answer.

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I hope your students love these digital beach day activities for the end of the year!

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