Turkey Trouble: Turkey in Disguise Project & Book Companion | Printable Classroom Resource | Tales of Patty Pepper

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Turkey Trouble: Turkey in Disguise

I created this resource to accompany your lesson plans for the picture book Turkey Trouble: Turkey in Disguise and hope that you will find value in the following activities for Thanksgiving:

-Introduce students to each activity attached to this resource:

Character Trait, Story Mapping, Compare and Contrast, Favorite Parts of the Story, Writing, Writing Activity, Story Wordsearch, Story Mentor Text Activities, and Book Project.

* Decide NOW not to feel overwhelmed planning for Thanksgiving

* Implement the read-aloud book ideas teaching students the importance of CREATIVE STUDENT ENGAGEMENT.

* Set your Thanksgiving lesson plans

* This resource is perfect for grades 2nd-5th

* THIS IS A MUST-HAVE Thanksgiving RESOURCE for educators and parents!

Who should purchase this resource?

  • Teachers looking for LOW PREP resources that can be used in the classroom or personally.
  • Teachers looking for THANKSGIVING school resources that are ready to use!
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