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Oral language is the foundation to which students learn! Speaking and listening skills and standards are often not given enough priority within the classroom, and yet your students’ communication abilities are a vitally important component of their success in this world. This pack helps you intentionally focus on speaking and listening skills within your classroom. It will engage your students in collaborate discussions and increase their overall communication abilities as they practice speaking in *extended, complete sentences!* GREAT for multilingual learners!

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NOW INCLUDES DIGITAL VERSIONS FOR GOOGLE SLIDES! No cutting needed. Simply project and discuss! The daily discussion prompts are now PREP FREE! (Printable and editable discussion cards are still included in the PDF version.)

This is a POWERFUL tool for your classroom and one that will facilitate thinking, oral language skills, and confidence all year long!

There are three levels of discussion cards within this pack. Each level becomes increasingly more challenging and requires your students to think about ideas and examples to include in their response. Your students will participate in a simple routine: Think, Talk, Teach! Using tools, anchor charts, role cards, and much more, you will strategically help your students extend their thinking and their responses as they converse and discuss the topics with their peers.

The pack also comes with editable discussion cards so that you can *customize* the focused discussions your students have throughout the year according to their experiences. 135 cards are included for you, ranging from general topics that will help you get to know your students to open-ended academic topics. It even includes self-assessment checklists to help your students monitor their speaking and listening skills and set goals for themselves.

This pack is perfect for the general classroom teacher, small group teachers, speech and language therapists, ESL teachers and students, intervention students, guidance counselors, and more! It can be used in a whole group setting or a small group setting.

Discussions are great for kicking off morning meetings, transition times, calendar time, class meetings, end of the day routines or morning routines, mini-lessons, and more! There are so many possibilities for this pack. The important thing is that your students will increase their oral language skills – therefore increasing their comprehension, vocabulary, and even their writing skills!

I’m extremely passionate that oral language skills are overlooked in the classroom. Increasing my awareness of my students’ communication abilities has worked wonders for my students’ overall success in my classroom. I hope you will find this to be true in your classroom as well!

Happy Learning,

Christina DeCarbo

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