Test Taking Strategies ELA Reading | Writing and Analyzing Texts | Close Reading | Joey Udovich

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This resource is the perfect way to teach your students how to analyze, infer, and write open-ended responses. Your students will become pros at effectively answering TDA open-ended responses, EBSR (Evidence-Based Selected Response) questions, and multiple choice questions that are JAM PACKED with challenging testing terminology.
You are sure to see student growth if you apply the practices laid out within the pages of this resource. They worked for my students for over ten years, and I am now sharing them with you!
⭐️ This resource includes...
  • a table of contents
  • 3 test prep quick checks for your students to use as they get more confident in this process
  • 1 TDA - 1/2 page checklist for your students to use as they write out their open-ended TDA responses, making sure they analyze, write, and edit everything to perfection!
  • A detailed look at what I do in my classroom
  • SEVERAL PRINTABLES to help guide the process from start to finish! - Each of them are offered in three different ways to fit whatever type of passage you are working with (passages with only questions, passages with only open-ended TDAs, and passages with both!)
  • Additional printables that allow you to pick and choose how your students break down information and respond to open-ended responses.
  • 1 Literary Transitions Menu - This is a great tool in guiding your students on what transition words they should use and when they should use them.
⭐️ 60 + TEXT EVIDENCE POSTERS - offered in black and white and color / also offered in two sizes. I made sure to include a picture of how I displayed them in my classroom.

  • 18 test prep terms that our students MUST know to be prepared
  • 13 pages that meticulously break down the writing process for those tricky open-ended TDA responses (A focus on the steps that I offer, along with ways to brainstorm, write incredible introductions, bodies, and conclusions, and let's not forget editing!)


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