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Teaching theme using motivational quotes is a fun and engaging way to get students thinking outside of the box. It's not your average theme lesson! Instead, it helps encourage critical thinking skills in a new and exciting way for students.

Identifying the theme of a story is a higher-order thinking skill that requires the reader to make an inference. Some students have a difficult time identifying themes, so it is important that students practice in a variety of ways. This product allows students to think about theme in a way that is much easier than analyzing a whole story. This resource is a perfect introduction lesson to any theme unit, but it can also be used as a fun alternative to theme practice.

Quotes lend themselves easily to critical thinking skills, and they are useful as conversation starters as well. Teachers can use quotations in the classroom to inspire, encourage, increase motivation, and develop higher-level thinking skills.

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Included in this download:

  • 28 quote cards (choose a few or use them all)
  • 2 different sizes of reference cards with topics
  • Student answer sheets (3 versions)
  • Black and White Options
  • Answer Keys

In this resource, students will…

  • Analyze quotes using critical thinking techniques
  • Identify the topic(s) represented in each quote
  • Evaluate the message of the quote (What is the author trying to say?)
  • Represent the quote with a theme statement

This resource can be used as a supplemental lesson to any theme unit.

Teaching Themes Using Quotes comes with 28 quote cards appropriate for the classroom, along with a specific set of questions related to finding the topics and theme for each quote. It also comes with reference cards which include a list of topics for students to use during their analysis of each quote. Additionally, there are 3 different answer sheets that teachers can choose from – including 1 individual or group assignment activity.

Your students will love finding the theme with these 28 quote cards that are fun and engaging. They encourage critical thinking skills and push students to think outside of the box!

Supports Common Core Standards (CCSS)




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