STEM Bins® Team Builders for Back to School and End of the Year - STEM Activities (K-5th Grade) | Printable Classroom Resource | Teach Outside the Box- Brooke Brown

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STEM Bins® Teambuilders for K-5th Grade are a wonderful way to build your classroom community and allow students to practice and reflect on essential character skills. They are ideal for use at the beginning of the school year as you are introducing STEM Bins to your class and as needed for team building throughout the year.

12 Challenges are provided for you to set up in stations, and you may choose how many stations you’d like your students to complete. Each challenge is designed to be used with your existing classroom set of STEM Bins®, along with a few other basic classroom materials. There is a tabletop tent for each station with the challenge instructions on one side and character emphasis on the other side. The character cards may be displayed in your classroom after the challenges are complete.

Students need to be placed in groups of 2-3 and given at least 15-20 minutes per station to meet the challenge.

Students each need a copy of the student booklet with cover, checklist, and challenge pages to bring with them to each station. EDITABLE PowerPoint pages are provided in a separate file for you to customize your own challenge checklists.

Each student page provides an opportunity for students to reflect on how they showed the character emphasis for the challenge. Final reflection pages are also provided.

Includes the following materials and challenges in LOWER GRADE AND UPPER GRADE VERSIONS:

Page 3: How to Use

Page 4: Supplies Checklist

Pages 5-6: Photos of Possible Products

Pages 7-8: Station Number Tents

Pages 9-10: Student Booklet Cover

and Checklist

Pages 11-12: Take Flight (OPTIMISM)

Pages 13-14: Build a Bridge (PERSEVERANCE)

Pages 15-16: Goal Getter (SPORTSMANSHIP)

Pages 17-18: Mirror Mirror (CREATIVITY)

Pages 19-20: Tricky Tower (SELF-DISCIPLINE)

Pages 21-22: Chain Reaction (PATIENCE)

Pages 23-24: Safe Shelter (EMPATHY)

Pages 25-26: Safety Net (ENCOURAGEMENT)

Pages 27-28: Maze Mania (IMPROVEMENT)

Pages 29-30: Parking Place (EFFORT)

Pages 31-32: Rock and Roll (COOPERATION)

Pages 33-34: Life Boat (FLEXIBILITY)

Page 35: Teambuilder Reflections

Pages 36-47: Optional Character Awards

Page 48: Credits

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