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Ready to add a competitive edge to your STEM Bins while your students practice problem solving, spatial reasoning, and logical thinking?!

With STEM Bins Speed Builds for K-5th Grade, groups of 2-4 students students race to complete leveled puzzle challenges for six different building materials!

STEM Bins Speed Builds are designed to supplement my original STEM Bins pack. They are ideal for hands-on morning work, early finishers, enrichment, and team building. Two different difficulty levels are provided: “Build it Flat” and “Build it Up” to accommodate a range of learning levels. "Build it Flat” cards are recommended for Pre-K-2nd Grade and "Build it Up” cards are recommended for advanced 1st Grade-5th Grade. There are 12 cards provided per difficulty level and 6 different choices for STEM Bins materials.



Groups of 2-4 students race to build each challenge card the fastest. The first student to complete the build hits a buzzer or bell and “wins” that card. Play continues for the full set of cards.


Students work through each challenge card independently. They may choose to time themselves with a stopwatch.


Page 3: How to Use

Page 4: Organization

Page 5: What are My Students Learning?

Page 6: Pattern Blocks covers

Pages 7-9: Pattern Blocks – Build it FLAT

Pages 10-12: Pattern Blocks – Build it UP

Page 13: Mini Cups covers

Pages 14-16: Mini Cups – Build it FLAT

Pages 17-19: Mini Cups – Build it UP

Page 20: Linking Cubes covers

Pages 21-23: Linking Cubes – Build it FLAT

Pages 24-26: Linking Cubes – Build it UP

Page 27: Base Ten Blocks covers

Pages 28-30: Base Ten Blocks – Build it FLAT

Pages 31-33: Base Ten Blocks – Build it UP

Page 34: Building Bricks covers

Pages 35-37: Building Bricks – Build it FLAT

Pages 38-40: Building Bricks – Build it UP

Page 41: Dominoes covers

Pages 42-44: Dominoes – Build it FLAT

Pages 45-47: Dominoes – Build it UP

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