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Celebrate Spring or Easter, as you review math and literacy skills, with these highly engaging Spring centers! The Case of the Criminal Critter Spring and Easter Escape Room involves 6 or 8 different spring centers / challenges where students eliminate the suspects and discover who has stolen the seeds from the gardener!

These Spring Escape centers can be used as a Spring Party, Easter Party or spring themed math and literacy centers.

Take the stress out of planning a Spring/Easter Party that is magical and educational with these Spring Escape Room activities! This will be a day your students never forget!

Set the stage with a note from the gardener:

There was a gardener,

Planting in the soil.

A critter came,

And caused some turmoil.

It stole all the seeds,

That he needed to sow.

Where did it take them?

He has to know!

Solve each challenge,

And you will see.

There is only one,

That it can be!

After the students complete each challenge, they will receive a clue from the culprit. A suspect will be eliminated after each challenge. Once all of the spring centers have been completed, they will have eliminated all but one suspect!

There are 4 math and 4 literacy spring centers included. Black and white option included. Targeted skills:

  • recognizing beginning blends (cr, dr & tr)
  • building CVCe words
  • identifying middle sounds
  • recognizing high frequency words
  • decomposing the numbers 11-19
  • comparing numbers
  • recognizing 2D and 3D shapes
  • adding and subtracting 1, 2 or 3

The Challenges:

  1. Bunny Challenge - Sort the pictures by the beginning blend (cr, dr & tr).
  2. Flower Challenge - Stretch out the CVCe word and use the flowers to build each word.
  3. Birdhouse Challenge - Listen for the vowel sound and match the bird to the correct birdhouse.
  4. Frog Challenge - Spin the spinner and write the word.
  5. Rainbow Challenge - Match the clouds to the correct rainbow.
  6. Chick Challenge - Compare two numbers using <, > or =.
  7. Raindrop Challenge - Sort the raindrops into 2D and 3D shapes.
  8. Carrot Challenge - Spin the spinner, and move forward or backward the correct number of spaces.

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I hope your students love these Spring escape room activities!

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