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The resources included in this product are designed to assist you in teaching students the size of their everyday problems and appropriate reactions through hands on experiences, visuals, scenarios, group activities, self reflection, and independent practice!


★ Ideas for use

★ Size of the problem posters & visuals

★ Size of the problem desk display

★ Headers and scenario cards for sorting by problem size

★ Headers and scenario cards for sorting by reaction size

★ Adapted Book - What Size is the Problem?

★ Write the Room activity

★ Coloring glyph worksheets and task cards

★ Matching worksheets

★ Spin and Graph worksheets

★ Find & Highlight worksheets

★ Cut & Paste worksheets

★ Does it Match? Scenario worksheets

★ Scenario & vocabulary exit tickets

★ Write & journal scenario pages

★ Great news certificates


★ Visual based activities

★ Color coded for visual learners

★ Tools to last beyond initial lessons

★ Tools that can be used with students outside of your classroom including inclusion experiences, home, and therapy settings

★ Whole group, small group, and independent work activities

★ Easily differentiated resources
★ Activities that span the grade levels to be used across elementary and upper grades classrooms

"This resource provides many opportunities for students to work on identifying the size of the problem in fun and engaging ways! Activities can be conducted in whole group, small group, independent practice, or self-reflection! Awesome resource, especially for students working on IEP behavior goals relating to identifying the size of the problem." - Shelby G.

My students have really enjoyed learning about the size of problems and reactions using these resources. I loved that there was a large variety of activities, so I was able to use these resources over the course of many sessions." - Leah L.


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