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Showing children the size of their problem and appropriate reactions is a research based way to teach effective emotional regulation.

This product has 100 Size of the Problem digital slides with 100 unique scenarios!

The product includes a PDF document with one Size of the Problem scenario on each slide along with discussion questions. This product is designed to be used digitally, by being projected on a screen like a SmartBoard. I like to use these scenarios during Morning Meeting, but they could be used during counseling or social work sessions, social skills groups, therapy, speech therapy, or transition times.

These scenarios really help our students to begin generalizing this tricky skill that is truly essential to social functioning. These can be used for class discussions, partner talk, or journaling! 2 journal half-sheets are included. These would be awesome bell-ringers!

Check out this blog post for 5 easy ways to teach size of the problem in your setting.

"This has been a GREAT resource to use with my middle school students. It is something they struggle with and this has be a valuable resource in helping us think about solutions to problems." - BriAnn L.

"Great scenarios! I like the prompts about whether the reaction was appropriate to the problem level or not. Many of my students need to target that! I made voting sticks to hold up with appropriate or not." - Hailey R.


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