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Writing is a skill that requires daily practice! These simple journal prompts are designed to help BEGINNING and/or STRUGGLING writers build confidence, practice articulating thoughts, work on fine motor skills and proper letter formation.
*Please note that this is a downloaded pdf file. No physical product will be sent to you.
This September NO PREP Packet includes the following:

Four versions of the journal prompts

*21 journal prompts with a starter phrase

*21 of the same journal prompts without the starter phrase for more advanced writers.

*2nd Grade lined with a grade appropriate writing rubric

*3rd Grade lined with a grade appropriate writing rubric

*Journal Cover

* Sight Word List - Simple sight words to help with spelling.

*Additional paper for students who want to write more.

*Table of Contents with all September Journal Prompts

Included on each journal prompt:

*I Can Statements with text and visual support to remind students to:

-use capitals

-use finger spacing between words

-sound out and spell words

-use periods

-draw pictures to support their text

*Illustrated word bank to help spell words they might use in their writing.

*Place to draw a picture to support the writing.

Writing Prompts Included:

*September Journal Cover

*My favorite apple snack

*The life cycle of an apple

*Johnny Appleseed

*After school I

*In the fall

*At home I have to

*I live with

*A squirrel

*An owl

*I would be fun to be a (type of career)

*Today the weather is

*I don't like (type of weather) because

*It is not nice to (poor choices in behavior)

*If I could have a class job

*If I could only bring two things on a trip

*I feel (____) today because

*My favorite dairy food

*If I could invent a new cereal

*If I had a parrot

*The best day of the school week is (_____) because

*My favorite holiday is (_____) because

**Extended writing page

***Each of the above starter prompts also come WITHOUT starter sentences for more advanced writers.

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