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Let's encourage our students to read!


The Science of Reading Goals and Awards are a perfect addition to every early childhood classroom! All of the goals are based on research that supports structured literacy.


Let's get our students excited about using these strategies to become successful readers!


What's Included:

Goal Tracking Sheets

26 goals based on structured literacy

25 Large Certificate Awards (matches goals!)

30 Small Bookmark Awards (matches goals!)

24 Award Bracelets (matches goals!)

23 Award Stickers (prints on Avery labels 5160)

SOR Goal/Award Tracking Sheet


The students can track a goal to focus on for a period of time. When you feel they have made progress or met the goal, they can receive a fun award! What student doesn't like feeling successful and having a little token to show off?


Included in this resource are 3 PDF documents:

  1. Resources organized by each skill (Ex. Phonics Champ)
  2. Resources organized by format (goal, large certificate, bookmarks, bracelets)
  3. SOR Tracking Sheet and Stickers
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