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SAVE SANTA is an engaging digital math escape game with a festive Christmas theme. Students will open a Google Form and be introduced to Molly the elf. Molly will explain that many elves are sick or in quarantine! Thus, the North Pole is NOT ready for Christmas! They must complete the challenges to save Santa and Christmas!

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You (the teacher) have given the class a set amount of time to help. The class must complete the challenges before the countdown runs out of time in order to win! The amount of time can be set by the teacher (30-45 minutes recommended, the teacher can add or subtract time as they see fit.) Students will move through four tasks (plus ONE BONUS LEVEL INCLUDED-see note in product tips) to complete the challenge. All questions are written as story problems to engage students. This product contains specific versions to fit 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade math skills students begin the year with.

*Please note, 1st graders may struggle with the level/amount of reading in the story problems. The teacher may want to pair students or read the problems together for this age.

THREE versions of the product are included (one for 1st, one for 2nd, and one for 3rd!) The challenges will cover the following skills:

1st Grade
Task 1: Identifying Place Value (Name the 100's, 10's, or 1's place.)
Task 2: Adding two numbers
Task 3: Subtraction (take away 5 or less)

BONUS TASK: adding two and three numbers
Task 4: Word Puzzle (mixed addition/subtraction)

2nd Grade
Task 1: Identifying Place Value (Name the 100's, 10's, or 1's place.)

Task 2: Counting on by 100 and 10 (100 more, 10 more)

Task 3: Expanded Form

BONUS TASK: Two and three digit addition with regrouping

Task 4: Word Puzzle (mixed addition/subtraction)

3rd Grade
Task 1: Multiplication Facts (factors under 12)
Task 2: Addition Review with Regrouping
Task 3: Subtraction Review

BONUS TASK: Two and three digit addition with regrouping
Task 4: Word Puzzle (mixed addition/subtraction)

This activity is great for both in-person and digital learners. Each learner will need a device (unless sharing with a partner) and may also want paper and pencil for the last challenge (decoding the password.) Teachers will need a basic knowledge of Google products and know how to operate Google Drive to share this Google Form (instructions on how to share/ideas for where to share the link are included in the product.)

This design of the form ONLY allows students to move to the next task once they have all the answers correct in their current task. This means no grading or checking for the teacher! Once the student has completed the entire challenge, the teacher knows they answered all questions correctly! Due to this design, students MUST enter answers with exact CASE and SPACING or the form will think their answer is incorrect (more info on this below.)

Here are additional things to note:
*The questions/images in this product are not editable, as they were not made in Google.
*This form will need to shared with students through some kind of learning platform, (such as Google Classroom, Clever, or Canvas) via student/parent emails, or the chat box of a video call session.
*This form is currently set to only allow EXACT right answers. It is CASE and SPACE sensitive, meaning It will NOT allow students to move to the next section if their answer is not exactly the same (unfortunately, there is not a way to program multiple right answers in a Google Form unless the form is designed as a quiz. This would allow students to move on regardless of if their answers were correct or not.)
*PLEASE tell your students about the CASE and SPACE design of this form to eliminate frustration.
*If you think the Case and Space design of the product might be troublesome, you CAN take it out! Simply go into editor mode and click the little x by each answer (photo shown in product.) Note that this will allow students to complete the form with incorrect answers.
*You CAN add or remove questions in editor mode as you see fit.
*You CANNOT re-sell or share this product with other teachers unless they have purchased the product or a license to share.
*The last task in the game requires students to transfer their number answers into letters using a key. My in-person 2nd graders liked the assistance of paper and pencil during this task to help make it easier. You may want to suggest this to your students.
*Teachers may want to provide a small class prize after students complete the challenge. This could be anything as simple as a virtual dance party, candy sent by mail or passed out in person, bookmark, coloring page, or homework pass. This is optional.


"This was such a fun way to introduce students to the Google platform as well as engage them with math skills. They loved doing this with a partner- thanks for a great resource!"


"I can't say enough good things about this activity! Students were so engaged while working with a friend to complete the challenge. This activity was great practice with math, technology, and teamwork! My class enjoyed this activity so much, that I had to purchase the escape room bundle!"


"My students really enjoyed competing against other groups to be the first ones to save Santa. I'll be purchasing more games from this pack for sure!"








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