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These reading fluency timed practice worksheets work well as progress monitoring activities for Letter Name Fluency (LNF), Letter Sound Fluency (LSF), Phoneme Segmentation Fluency (PSF), and Nonsense Word Fluency (NWF). I have set up a system for you to help students make progress in between benchmark assessments for all these skills. The following is included to help students focus on these skills: practice pages for informal assessments, teacher tracking pages, student tracking pages with self assessment and goal evaluation, as well as additional practice pages for small groups, independent work, to send home for homework, or for literacy centers.

What's included?

Skills covered in these reading fluency timed practice materials:

  • Letter Name Fluency (LNF)- uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Letter Sound Fluency (LSF)- lowercase letters
  • Phoneme Sound Fluency (PSF) - words with 3 and 4 sounds
  • Nonsense Word Fluency (NWF) - CVC words

120 Pages include:

  • Practice Pages (10 per skill, 40 pages total)
  • Teacher Tracking: Practice Pages (10 per skill- LNF, LSF, NWF, 30 pages total)
  • Teacher Tracking Sheet for overall scores (1 per skill, 4 pages total)
  • Student Tracking Sheet with goal review (1 per skill, 4 pages total)
  • Extra Practice Pages for independent work, homework, small group work, interventions, or one on one time (10 per skill- LNF, LSF, NWF, 30 pages total)
  • Teacher Fluency Tracking Sheet (additional option- 1 page)
  • Student Fluency Tracking Sheet (additional option- 2 pages)
  • Cover pages for binder organization (1 per skill, 4 pages total)
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