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This March NO PREP Packet is filled with hands-on, engaging and FUN resources that get kids excited about learning! This packet covers basic and age appropriate skills for Preschool/ TK! The best part is that there is NO PREP! NO costly closed ink, NO laminating, NO cutting…Just PRINT!
*Please note that this is a downloaded pdf file. No physical product will be sent to you.



The massive BUNDLE includes 621 pages and will provide you with an ENTIRE YEAR of NO PREP age appropriate skills for preschoolers!

Included in this packet:

*Shapes: Octagon

*I Can Draw Octagons

*Shape Maze: Octagons

*Trace and Write the Letter Y

*Trace and Write the Letter Z

*Letter Sort Cut and Paste for Y

*Letter Sort Cut and Paste for Z

*Letter Maze Y

*Letter Maze Z

*Trace the Letter Y (upper and lowercase)

*Trace the Letter Z (upper and lowercase)

*Sight Word Search for: and

*Sight Word Search for: go

*Sight Word Search for: we

*Sight Word Search for: to

*Bingo Dot the Letter Y

*Bingo Dot the Letter Z

*Beginning Sounds Y and Z (Cut and Paste)

*Sight Word Practice: and

*Sight Word Practice: go

*Sight Word Practice: we

*Sight Word Practice: to

*Sight Word Sort (cut and paste) and, go

*Sight Word Sort (cut and paste) we, to

*Simple Sentences (Trace and Read) We go to the...

*Simple Words (Trace and Read (color word) and (color word)

*Shadow Matching

*Graphing Weather

*Transportation Sort (cut and paste)

*Weather Sort (cut and paste)

*Community Helpers Set 1 (cut and paste)

*Community Helpers Set 2 (cut and paste)

*Graphing Pets

*Graphing Food

*Beginning Sounds (dot a word) set 1

*Beginning Sounds (dot a word) set 2

*Beginning Sounds (cut, sort and paste) A-D

*Beginning Sounds (cut, sort and paste) E-H

*Beginning Sounds (cut, sort and paste) I-L

*Beginning Sounds (cut, sort and paste) M-P

*Beginning Sounds (cut, sort and paste) Q-T

*Beginning Sounds (cut, sort and paste) U-X

*Beginning Sounds (cut, sort and paste) Y-Z

*Counting Number Sets 1-3 (cut, paste and sort)

*Counting Number Sets 4-6 (cut, paste and sort)

*Counting Number Sets 7-9 (cut, paste and sort)

*Counting Sets up to 10 (cut and paste) set 1

*Counting Sets up to 10 (cut and paste) set 2

*Roll and Trace Numbers 1-6

*Roll and Trace a Shape

*Color by Dots Set 1 (3-6)

*Color by Dots Set 2 (7-10)

*Color by Number (kite)

*Color by Number (rainbow)

*Rainbow Maze

*ABC Dot to Dot (apple)

*ABC Dot to Dot (fish)

*Numbers 1-10 Dot to Dot (car and star)

*Dot...Dot NOT a Lot (glue dot practice)

*The Color Yellow

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