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Are you looking for a phonemic intervention progress monitoring sheet? Use this alphabet & 17 p.a. skills progress monitoring to keep track of your students' progress! Each skill has 10 items. Most school districts believe 7-8/10 to be mastery of the skill. These 17 phonemic awareness skills were pulled from Common Core Standards and are best used with K-1, but can be used with Pre-K and second graders who still need progress monitoring with these skills. If a student misses 3 in a row, stop and use intervention strategies to teach the skill, then come back and retest.

This progress monitoring pack includes:

  • letters and sounds progress monitoring

teacher recording sheet for capital and lowercase letters and sounds

student sheet

  • 17 phonemic awareness skills

counting words in a sentence

rhyme recognition

rhyme production

single syllable onset-rime blending (x2)

syllable blending and pronouncing

syllable blending and counting

phoneme alliteration and discrimination

phoneme isolation of initial sound

phoneme isolation of final sound

phoneme isolation of medial sound (cvc and cvce)

phoneme blending

phoneme segmentation

phoneme addition

phoneme deletion

compound words

  • cover sheet (3 pages)
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