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October trivia is a fun and interactive game that students can play whole class. The intent is NOT that the students already know the answers, its purpose is for students to LEARN new and interesting facts about October that they did not know prior to completing this activity! For example did you know that Jack 'O' Lanterns were originally carved out of turnips?! With over 30 TRIVIA QUESTIONS, students will have so much fun while learning some really neat facts about the month of October!


This is a NO PREP game! Simply open the file and you’re ready to play!


Make this game what you want it to be! You can play it whole class with students raising their hands to guess answers. You can have teams playing where students use a whiteboard to display their team’s answer. You can play it virtually by sending it to students through Google Classroom/Seesaw or play LIVE on a class Google Meet/Zoom. This activity can be played all in one sitting OR perhaps you give a few trivia questions at the end of each day throughout the month of October!

Options included: a Google Slides version as well as JPG files to send to students through SEESAW!

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