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Transform your classroom into an "under the sea" escape with these 10 ocean themed motivational posters! You can almost smell the ocean and feel the calming breezes! 

These beautiful watercolor posters will add an ocean feel to your classroom or around your school. Hang them on a bulletin board, on cabinets in your classroom, down hallways, or on your classroom walls to bring forth a positive and motivational "growth mindset" message to students. 

>>>10 Ocean Themed Motivational Posters are included in this download!<<<

Are you planning an ocean themed classroom? 

These Ocean Themed Motivational Posters are also included in this complete EDITABLE decor set:

  • Ocean Animals Classroom Decor Set - EDITABLE
  • You’ll be ready to dive deep with this Ocean Animals Classroom Décor Kit. This resource has everything you need to transform your classroom into an "under the sea" escape! Plus, it's EDITABLE!

For best results - PRINT & LAMINATE

***I also think professional printing at Staples or an online printing company makes these posters really POP!

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