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Transform your classroom into a smoothing oasis with these 10 nautical themed motivational posters! You can almost smell the ocean and feel the calming breezes! 

These soft watercolor posters will add a nautical feel to your classroom or around your school. Hang them on a bulletin board, on cabinets in your classroom, down hallways, or on your classroom walls to bring forth a positive and motivational "growth mindset" message to students. 

>>>10 Nautical Themed Motivational Posters are included in this download!<<<

Are you planning a nautical themed classroom? 

These Nautical Themed Motivational Posters are also included in this complete EDITABLE decor set

  • Nautical Themed Classroom Decor Set 
  • You’ll be smooth sailing with this Nautical Classroom Décor Kit. This resource has everything you need to transform your classroom into a nautical oasis! Plus, it's EDITABLE!

For best results - PRINT & LAMINATE

***I also think professional printing at Staples or an online printing company makes these posters really POP! 

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