Morning Work Tubs Fine Motor Bins for ELA and Math May | Printable Classroom Resource | Differentiated Kindergarten

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Morning Work Tubs - Morning Work Bins! Students love how engaging they are and you'll love all the amazing practice it provides. Spring fine motor bin activities will save your sanity and engage your students. Your students won't even realize they are learning with these morning work tubs.
⭐⭐If you'd like to see a detailed account of how I implement Morning Work Tubs, what is included in each set, and the materials used, check out my Morning Work Stations page for all the details HERE.
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Why Morning Work:
Morning Work Stations accomplish two very important things in my classroom. They keep my students engaged in a meaningful activity while I take attendance, talk with parents and greet students as they wander in from breakfast, a late bus, or a late start to their morning. Additionally, Morning Work Tubs give me an opportunity to work on those important fine motor and sensory activities that are disappearing from our students' curriculum due to lack of time in our day. I can't say enough good things about them.
Included in this packet:
This packet is actually the 9th in a series. In my Back To School Morning Work set, I give you everything you need to organize, set up, and label your morning work along with activities to get you started and lay the groundwork for future sets like this one.
This set includes 43 activities for the month of May, including 'I Can' cards for each one. These 'I Can' sheets also indicate the standard or skill that the activity addresses. You can choose the activities that fit your classroom best to use in your stations.
1. Buggy Editable Sight Word Links
2. Buggy CVC Self-Correcting
3. Bee-utiful Links Numbers and Quantities
4. Flower Fun Sand Tray Editable Sight Words Trays
5. Buggy Playdoh Counting Math Mats
6. Buggy Playdoh Ten Frame
7. Buggy Playdoh How Many More To Make Ten
8. Playdoh Build a Flower Pot and Fill The Bug Box
9. Garden Fun Playdoh Items
10. Garden Fun Q-tip Painting (Flowers, Butterfly, and Ladybug
)11. Colorful Butterfly Find and Sort
12. Colorful Butterfly Color Find, Sort, and Graph
13. Colorful Butterfly Color Sort, Graph, and Count
14. Four Frogs In a Row (CVC, Blends, and Digraphs)
15. Count Your Bugs
16. One More Bug
17. One Less Bug
18. Bug Collector Spin To Win
19. Counting On Bees
20. Counting Back Bees
21. Ladybug Missing Addend Self-Correcting Fun
22. Garden Fun Sticker Count
23. Buggy Addition Printable Book
24. Garden Fun Gel Bead Sort
25. Garden Fun Gel Bead Roll and Win
26. Garden Lego Challenge: Ladybug, Butterfly, Flowe
r27. Garden Fun Constructing Letters and Editable Words
28. Buggy Container Count
29. Bee-utiful Container Add 'em Up
30. Blooming Lowercase/Capital Matching Puzzles
31. Blooming Letter Sounds Matching Puzzles
32. Blooming CVC Words Matching Puzzle
s33. Blooming CVCC/CCVC Word Match Puzzles
34. Butterfly Patterns Self-correcting
35. Froggy Fun Letter Match Up
36. Froggy Fun Editable Word Match Up
37. Unlock Garden Fun Math
38. Feed Your Frog Math
39. Froggy Addition Self-correcting Cards To 5
40. Froggy Subtraction Self-correcting Cards To 5
41. Buggy I-Spy Editable Sight Words and Record
42. Bugs and Bees Addition to 10 Self-correcting Cards and Mat
43. Missing Addend Ladybug Printable Book

Important Teacher Instructions:
Parts of this product may include editable activities. Here's what you need to know in order to make those parts of the packet work for you.
  • It is very important that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader loaded on your computer. You must use Adobe Reader to open this file and make it editable.
  • If you don't have Adobe Reader, it is a free download you can get just by Googling "Latest Version of Adobe Reader."
  • Once you have Adobe Reader downloaded and installed, restart your computer.
  • You should now be able to edit any of the blue shaded areas of this packet and the font will be "primary friendly."
If you have any issues, please feel free to contact me directly so I can help you troubleshoot at

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