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These hands-on Monster Interactive Books/Activities will quickly become a CLASSROOM FAVORITE that your students will want to do over and over! A variety of skills are covered including letter recognition, number recognition, counting, and shape recognition.

How to use this Product:
As you read each story students will "feed" the monster the letter/shape/number/quantity. Optional recording sheets are included for each activity.

What's Included:
- 4 Monsters to Feed

Letter Monster
-Printable book with capital letters
-Printable book with lowercase letters
-26 capital letter cards to feed to the monster
-26 lowercase letter cards to feed to the monster
-2 optional recording sheets

Shape Monster
-Printable Book
-12 Shape cards (triangle, oval, circle, rectangle, star, square, diamond/rhombus, heart, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, & crescent).
-2 Optional recording sheets

Number Monster
-Printable book
-Number cards 1-20
-Quantity cards 1-20
-2 optional recording sheets

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