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These 30 mindfulness yoga pose cards and digital slides are designed for kids needing a brain break! Easily infuse energy, focus, and mindfulness into your students' day with a variety of yoga poses carefully selected for kids. 

This resource allows teachers to incorporate movement and relaxation techniques into daily routines. Each card and digital slide features a clear and vibrant illustration of a yoga pose, accompanied by simple instructions and cues that make it easy for students to follow along. The cards and slideshow offer a wide range of movements suitable for children of all ages and abilities.

These mindfulness yoga pose cards and digital slides for kids are more than just a fun pastime. They're powerful tools for promoting SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) activities. As students immerse themselves in mindful yoga poses, they can connect with their bodies, regulate their emotions, and develop a sense of self-awareness. 

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Included in this download:

  • 30 printable yoga pose cards with instructions (color and b/w)
  • 30 yoga pose PPT slides with instructions
  • 30 yoga pose Google Slides with instructions

These activities are perfect for…

  • quick brain break between lessons
  • preparing for testing sessions
  • indoor recess
  • stress relief
  • calming corners
  • transition activities
  • time fillers
  • SEL lesson supplement
  • emergency sub-plans

The best part?

Whether you're looking to introduce a quick brain break between lessons, promote physical activity during indoor recess, or foster a calm and focused atmosphere during testing periods, these yoga pose cards and slides have you covered. This versatile resource can be used in classrooms, gymnasiums, or even outdoor settings, providing teachers with the flexibility to adapt to any learning environment.

In this one convenient resource, you can…

  • have ready-to-go yoga pose cards and digital slides with clear and vibrant illustrations and simple instructions that make it easy for students to follow along. 
  • promote social-emotional well-being in the classroom by empowering your students to manage stress, build resilience, and cultivate a positive mindset 
  • print and go or display on the board - includes everything you need to infuse energy, focus, and mindfulness into your students' day.
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