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A set of simple, no-fluff letter formation cards for your structured literacy lessons! I created these letter formation cards to use during my Orton-Gillingham, handwriting lessons, and small group reading lessons. These simple, no-fluff cards offer explicit, clear letter formation guidance without any distracting clipart, borders, or unnecessary visual clutter. The tracing letters also are formatted on writing lines, which helps students understand exactly where the letters begin and how they are formed. Many tracing cards do not contain handwriting lines, leaving students confused as to where the letters begin once their pencil hits the paper.

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The cards come in two differentiated versions:

  • One version contains numbered arrows to help guide students in their formation strokes.
  • Another version removes the numbered arrows and offers a dotted “tracing” font. Use this version when your students are ready to remove the guided scaffolding of the directional arrows.
  • Both versions are available with green starting dots and a black and white, “ink-friendly” version.

Each card also feature the letter, keyword, and sound at the bottom of the card. Students should practice saying the letter and sound every time they trace the letter.

How do I use these cards?

There are several ways and ideas for using these letter formation cards during your instruction and school day:

•Print on cardstock. Have students trace the letters with their finger.

•Place the card under a mesh screen. Have students trace the letter for multisensory learning.

•Print and laminate the cards. Use a dry-erase marker for a write-on, wipe-off activity.

•Laminate the cards. Place each card in a zip-lock baggie filled with hair gel for a sensory activity.

•Use the cards for explicit instruction in letter formation.

•Use the cards during intervention groups, 1:1 tutoring, OG intervention.

•Use the cards in a structured literacy learning center.

•Attach the cards to a ring, and send them home for practice.

I hope you enjoy these simple letter formation cards for tracing and handwriting! If you love this resource, you'll also love my Handwriting for Beginning Readers pack!

Christina DeCarbo-Wagers

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