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  • 2 Kindergarten Math Reference Sheet (front and back)
  • Color & black and white
  • Hundreds Chart
  • Color and black and white

*You will receive a zip file with two folders: PDF versions and JPG versions. JPG versions are included if you want to print these professionally at a photo store such as Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. PDF versions are for normal printing at home or school! 


  • Numbers written in words, numerals, and modeled using counting fingers (multicultural)
  • 100’s Chart
  • Visual of one’s cubes and tens cubes with model, number, and words
  • Comparison words and symbols (greater than, less than, equal to)
  • Number line with values 0 through 20
  • Ten Frame
  • 2D Shapes (term, picture, and kinder-friendly description of the attributes)
  • 3D Shapes (term, picture, and kinder-friendly description of the attributes)
    • Arrows pointing from the 3D shape to its corresponding 2D shape for helpful comparison
  • US Coins (value written with the cent symbol, the name of the coin, the value written in words, and a picture of both the front and back of each coin)
    • Penny
    • Nickel
    • Dime
    • Quarter
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