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These interactive fall reading passages will have your readers discussing vocabulary, practicing fluency, finding evidence within the text, and demonstrating comprehension – in a SIMPLEFUN, and ENGAGING way! Instructional time is precious!! We don’t often have the time for our little ones to waste cutting and gluing before they start reading and writing!

The Fall Edition contains 20 paired passages for your interactive notebooks or reader response journals! Each topic contains a fiction and a nonfiction passage that is short and manageable for young readers.

Each passage contains:

  • 3 focus vocabulary words from Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary. Students should read, discuss, and highlight the words with a teacher. Teachers can utilize these words in many ways, such as previewing and discussing the words prior to reading, or using context clues to discuss the words during the first reading of the text.
  • a text evidence activity: Students will underline a piece of information from the text. This encourages students to go back and reread to identify and pick out specific information as they read closely. This is such a vital skill for our readers!
  • a built-in interactive notebook feature for comprehension! Students will write and/or draw responses to comprehension skills such as identifying the problem and solution, main idea and details, retelling, asking questions, and more!

The following informational topics are included in this pack. Each nonfiction topic includes a coordinating paired fiction passage:
Late for School
The Apple Trip
Guide Dogs
A Pet for Tim
The Pumpkin Contest
Owen the Owl
Bat and Rat
Sid the Squirrel
Beth's Birthday
Penny the Cat
The Turkey Disguise

Setting up the passages is EASY! Simply trim around the dotted line. (I use a paper cutter to quickly trim the edges for the students prior to use. This makes inserting the passages into a notebook SO fast!) Students will use scissors to quickly snip the flap lines at the bottom of the page. Glue the top of the page into a spiral notebook and BAM! An interactive reading passage that saves you time and sanity!

*Please note the passages are designed to go into a regular sized notebook. If you would like to use these pages with a composition book, simply shrink the pages on a copier for a better fit.*

This pack is designed for first and second grade. If you have older students who greatly struggle with Tier 2 vocabulary, I think this would be a great warm-up and review for them! Special intervention students and/or struggling readers would also benefit from this pack.

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