Holiday Seasonal Math Reading Comprehension Writing Skills Review NO PREP Bundle

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Do you find it hard to keep students learning and engaged during the holidays? This mega bundle of holiday and seasonal NO PREP worksheets will save your sanity and minimize the chaos all year long! Keep skills sharp during stressful times of the year, such as back to school, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, end of the year, and so much more!

⭐⭐⭐BUNDLE AND SAVE! Grab this bundle at a deeply discounted price of 30% off!

This bundle includes 12 holiday and seasonal NO PREP packets which include a wide variety of reading comprehension practice, grammar review, and math activities for the entire year! Easily keep students learning and focused with over 230 printable pages to choose from!

Save Your Sanity!

This resource will not only save your sanity, but it will also save the day! When the classroom gets chaotic during a particular holiday season, just grab one of these packets that are made especially for the month! Each individual resource was created to be fun, meaningful, and engaging. A mix of spiral review reading and math activities are woven throughout each packet. This makes it easy to find exactly what you need to keep students focused during those hectic holidays and seasonal times of the year!

Need to take a sick day or a day off from work?

No problem! Choose any of the 12 included skills review packets to leave for a sub! These holiday and seasonal activities are NO PREP and perfect to leave as sub plans. NO PREP = NO STRESS!

Included in this download:

12 holiday and seasonal NO PREP printable activity packets (220+ pages) with a variety of math and reading review skills perfect for 4th or 5th grade – all answer keys are included!

  • Back to School
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Groundhog Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter
  • Earth Day
  • End of School


These activities are perfect for…

  • independent desk work
  • small groups
  • literacy centers
  • math centers
  • morning work
  • homework
  • early finishers
  • sub plans

The best part?

This resource requires NO PREP and is easy to use. Add these high-interest and engaging activities to your lesson plans each month and stop the holiday chaos before it starts!

Teachers like you said…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The best bundle of themed activities for all holidays/special events. Love that the activities are relevant to or review academic skills! Worth every penny--thank you!!” – Rebecca S.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I bought a few of these separately and finally bit the bullet and bought the whole package! I LOVE THESE! They are absolutely perfect for the week before holidays (usually a short week) where you don't want to continue with your regular curriculum but you still need to do something worthwhile. I plan to use these on those days as well as put them in my emergency substitute tub! Love this resource!!!” – Laura B.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I love this resource for its quick and great ease of use! There are times when you need to prepare activities for students on the fly...this is the one! I really enjoy the variety of all of the reading and math activities included for each holiday. Highly recommend!” – Cindy M.

Seasonal NO PREP Packets included in this download:

(click on the links below to preview each set)

Back to School NO PREP Math and Reading

Reading/ELA Activities Include:

✔Back to School Roll and Write (Roll and Write a Story)

✔Why are School Buses Yellow? (Main Idea and Supporting Details)

✔Find Someone Who (Back to School Bingo)

✔After School Snacks (Using Editing Marks)

✔Back 2 School Writing (Back to School Writing Prompts)

✔Back 2 School Crossword (Back to School Crossword Fun)

✔Genre Match (Identifying Genres)

✔Back to School Color By Code (Grammar: Color By Code)

Math Activities Include:

✔Back to School Multiplication (Multiplication Practice and Review)

✔Back to School Division (Division Practice and Review)

✔Number and Shape Patterns (Patterns and Relationships)

✔School Shopping (Practice with Decimals)

✔Back to School Secret Word Puzzle (Adding and Subtracting Larger Numbers)

✔Let's Measure! (Customary and Metric Measurement)

✔Time for School (Telling Time and Elapsed Time)

✔Back to School Color By Code (Multiply Color By Code)

Halloween NO PREP Math and Reading

Reading/ELA Activities Include:

✔Halloween Roll and Write (Roll and Write a Story)

✔Candy Corn! (Using Editing Marks)

✔Batty Facts (Main Idea and Supporting Details)

✔Writing Dialogue (Writing Conversations)

✔Common Expressions (Identifying Idioms, Proverbs, and Adages)

✔Day of the Dead (Reading Comprehension)

✔A Logical Halloween (Using Logic to Solve Problems)

✔Halloween Color By Code (Parts of Speech: Color by Code)

Math Activities Include:

✔Halloween Math Crossword Puzzle (Halloween/Math Vocabulary)

✔Halloween Secret Word Puzzle (Multiplication Practice)

✔Spooky Patterns (Number and Shape Patterns)

✔Halloween Word Problems (Multiple Step Word Problems)

✔2D Shapes (Classifying 2D Shapes)

✔Symmetry (Understanding Lines of Symmetry)

✔Area and Perimeter (Finding Area and Perimeter of Figures)✔Trick or Treat Color by Code (Multiplication: Color by Code)

Thanksgiving NO PREP Math and Reading

Reading/ELA Activities Include:

✔Thanksgiving Roll & Write (Creative Thanksgiving Themed Writing)

✔Inferencing: Looking for Clues

✔The History of the Turkey (Main Idea & Supporting Details)

✔Identifying Synonyms and Antonyms

✔Correcting Sentence Fragments and Run-Ons

✔Thursday is for Thanksgiving (Reading Comprehension Passage)

✔Identifying Common Nouns and Proper Nouns

✔Parts of Speech (Color by Code)

Math Activities Include:

✔Finding the Value of Larger Numbers (up to hundred thousands place)

✔Writing Whole Numbers (Standard Form, Word Form, Expanded Form)

✔Rounding Whole Numbers

✔Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers

✔Multiplying Whole Numbers

✔Writing and Solving Multiplication Equations

✔Turkey Trot (Skip Counting by 4)

✔Multiplication (Color by Code)

Christmas NO PREP Math and Reading

Reading/ELA Activities Include:

✔Christmas Cookies Anyone? (Main Idea & Supporting Details)

✔Similes and Metaphors

✔Christmas Idioms

✔Homonyms, Homophones, and Homographs

✔Reindeer of Caribou: What's the Difference? (Reading Comprehension)

✔Greek and Latin Root Words

✔Christmas Color by Code (Parts of Speech)

✔Christmas Writing (Christmas Writing Prompts)

Math Activities Include:

✔Warming up with Equations (Multiplication Equations)

✔Finding the Pattern (Number and Shape Patterns)

✔Finding Factors (Factors, Multiples, Prime, and Composite Numbers)

✔Christmas Word Problems (Multiplication and Division Word Problems)

✔Writing Whole Numbers (Standard Form, Word Form, and Expanded Form)

✔Place Value (Find the Value of Larger Numbers)

✔Multiple Step Word Problems

✔Division Color by Code

New Year NO PREP Math and Reading

Reading/ELA Activities Include:

✔New Year Resolutions (Reading Comprehension)

✔Lucky Foods? (Main Idea & Supporting Details)

✔Chinese New Year (Using Editing Marks)

✔Chinese Zodiac (Reading a Diagram)

✔Fact or Opinion

✔Time to Read (Reading Genres)

✔My Year in Review

✔New Year Color by Code (Grammar)

Math Activities Include:

✔Time for a New Year (Telling Time)

✔Multiplication Properties

✔Input - Output (Function Tables)

✔Find the Pattern (Number & Shape Patterns)

✔Multiplication Word Problems

✔Multiplying in the New Year (Multiplication Practice)

✔Dividing in the New Year (Division Practice)

✔New Year Color by Code (Multiply & Divide)

Martin Luther King, Jr. NO PREP Math and Reading

Reading/ELA Activities Include:

✔Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (3 Page Reading Comprehension Passage and Questions)

✔MKL Jr. Vocabulary

✔MLK Jr. Content Words and Meanings (Context Clues)

✔Complete the Speech!

✔MLK Jr. Word Search

✔I Have a Dream! (Writing Prompt Planning Sheet)

✔I Have a Dream! (Writing Prompt Template)

✔Martin Luther King, Jr. Cause and Effect

✔MLK Jr. Timeline (Cut and Paste)

Math Activities Include:

✔MLK Jr. Secret Word Puzzle (Multiplication Practice)

✔MLK Jr. Crossword Puzzle (MLK and Math Vocabulary)

✔MLK Jr. Color By Code (Multiplication and Division)

✔Solve the Mystery! What did MLK Jr. Say? (Division with Remainders)

✔Decoding MLK Jr. (Decoder for Students)

✔Decoding MLK Jr. (Multiplication and Problem Solving)

✔Freedom Fractions (Fractional Parts)

Groundhog Day NO PREP Math and Reading

Reading/ELA Activities Include:

✔Does a Woodchuck Really Chuck? (Main Idea & Supporting Details)

✔Punxsutawney Phil (Using Editing Marks)

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