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Celebrate Halloween, as you review math and literacy skills, with The Case of the Candy Caper Halloween Escape Room! Your students will be highly engaged as they complete 6 or 8 different challenges to eliminate the suspects and discover who has stolen the candy!

These Halloween Escape Room activities can be used as a Halloween Party or Halloween math and literacy centers.

Take the stress out of planning a Halloween Party that is magical and educational with these Halloween Escape Room activities! This will be a Halloween your students never forget!

Set the stage with a note from the witch:

While stirring my potion,

What did I see?

A spooky shadow,

Sneak past me!

The culprit took,

Candy for my brew.

Please can I get,

Some help from you!

Eliminate suspects,

One by one.

Complete the challenges,

And have some fun!

After the students complete each challenge, they will receive a clue from the culprit. A suspect will be eliminated after each challenge. Once all the Halloween centers have been completed, they will have eliminated all but one suspect!

There are 4 math and 4 literacy Halloween activities included. Targeted skills:

  • recognizing rhyming words
  • segmenting CVC words
  • identifying syllables
  • building sentences
  • decomposing five
  • measuring height
  • extending patterns
  • building number sense with subitzing

The Challenges:

  1. Cauldron Challenge - Build each CVC word by identifying the beginning sound, ending sound or all three sounds (three levels included)
  2. Ghost Challenge - Match the ghost to its rhyming haunted house.
  3. Spider Challenge - Count the syllables and match the spiders to the correct web.
  4. Bat Challenge - Build each sentence, write the missing word and color the bats to match.
  5. Candy Corn Challenge - Assemble each candy corn with the correct number, ten frame and fingers.
  6. Monster Challenge - Use the candy ruler to measure each monster. Count and color how many.
  7. Pumpkin ChallengeExtend each pattern.
  8. Candy Challenge - Count the purple and yellow candies on the five frame. Write the number sentence.

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