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This planner only works with google sheets!

I wanted to make a planner that was easily accessible from any computer or device. I absolutely loved having one this school year, as the excuse of "I left my planner at school!" was never an excuse. I also like that you can print them out and have each week handy on your desk.

This product includes a calendar for each month (Aug-Aug) as well as a daily planner for each week. I included hand drawn quotes and stickers to use as if it was a real like planner! I also included all the hand drawn images in case you wanted to use them for other things. I hope you enjoy this labor of love!

Now includes a vertical and horizontal option for subjects

Also includes the font I used to make the headers, and a quick way to make your own if you don't see the header you need!

*This product will be updated at the end of each school year! Don't see something you'd want? Make sure you email me at or ask a question on here and I will make sure it gets added!

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