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Goal setting is a huge part of my classroom. I feel we all can work towards our full potential when we set goals, work to achieve our goals, and celebrate our successes! This system will help assist students in planning, working toward, and achieving their goals in the classroom setting!
This pack includes:
  • How-to-use information
  • Goal setting bulletin board letters; (GOALS framed letters as seen in my classroom)
  • 56 pre-made goal cards that fit the Target pockets
  • Goal tracking sheets (individual & class)
  • Large goal cards (used for whole-class goals)
  • Goal cash - $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 (2 style options available)
  • Binder/folder covers
  • How Are We Doing? (daily class goal tracker)
The above listed items included in this product do not all have to be used to make this incentive and goal-making idea be successful. Take and use what you feel would work best with your students!
Please reach out with any questions/concerns to misswestbest@gmail.com!
Happy goal making!
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