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Goal setting is a huge part of my classroom. I feel we all can work towards our full potential when we set goals, work to achieve our goals, and celebrate our successes!

Included are 52 pre-made goal cards that fit perfectly in the Target adhesive clear pockets! I have also included an editable option, so you can create cards that I may not have included.


A common font used throughout is KG Red Hands. If you want to create your own goal cards (there is an editable template), you can use this font FREE! Use the link to download it for free at www.dafont.com! CLICK HERE FOR THE FREE FONT!

If you have goals you would like to have that are not already included, I recommend using the blank squares (included) to create your own.


-Follow directions

-Follow directions on the board

-Be ready with a pencil

-Raise my hand more

-Stay focused

-Use time wisely

-Keep a clean desk

-Put papers away nicely

-Put supplies away properly

-Tidy up in between tasks

-Pass next math fact (cards for +, - , x, and ÷)

-Check my voice level

-Read more (and be able to tell about it)

-Finish a book

-STOP, Ask 3 before me

-Be a problem solver

-Write with more detail

-Write neatly

-Use capitals and punctuation

-Use uppercase and lowercase letters correctly

-Do not blurt

-Check over my work

-Eyes on the speaker

-Listen to the speaker

-Show kindness

-Be a helpful friend

-Write my name on my paper

-Stay on task

-Use my manners

-Make good choices

-Do my very best

-Use text evidence

-Follow line expectations

-Transition quickly

-Be a leader

-Bring back my (planner, or folder, or book)

-Keep my hands to myself

-Slow down with my work

-Ask for help

-Ask questions

-Wear my mask correctly

-Use spaces between words

-Have a positive attitude

-Have patience

-Use evidence in my answers

*EDITABLE OPTION for you as the teacher to create goals I may not have created for you!

Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at misswestbest@gmail.com!

Thank you!

Hannah Pace

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