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These fluency sound mats can be used for students who need practice and intervention in saying sounds accurately and with automaticity. The Fluency Freeway mats are an ideal and engaging way to implement sound drills, or phonogram drills, into your reading instruction. Phonogram drills, also known as sound drills, help build a connection between the reader's phonological processor (sound) and orthographical processor (visual) in the brain. Students will love using the DIY car pointers or mini toy cars to make these sound drills engaging and FUN!

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Why are sound drills beneficial?

When students are slow to retrieve letter sounds, sounding out a word becomes more difficult and labored. When readers have a strong understanding and foundation of sound-symbol relationships, decoding words becomes easier and more automatic. By practicing the sounds that graphemes make in daily drills, students improve their ability to quickly identify and produce the letter sounds and patterns automatically. In turn, this increases word recognition skills and their abilities to blend sounds together quickly, accurately, and smoothly.

How do I use the Fluency Freeway mats?

There are so many ways to use these Fluency Freeway mats! Print the mat(s) you wish to use. I recommend printing on cardstock if you wish to reuse the mats in future lessons. The directions for each fluency mat are printed at the top. (For the letter sounds, consonants, and simple vowel mats, you could also have students identify the letter instead of the sound if that is your instructional goal.) Students will simply work left to right in each row as they say the sounds as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Be sure to immediately correct any mistakes the student makes, and have the student make the correction. Use the printable cars to “drive” by the sounds! You can also use mini car erasers or mini toy cars. A list of the mats that are included and a page with ideas for using the mats are included on the following pages.

What sound mats are included in this resource?

  • The following 30 mats are included:
  • m, a, t, s, i, f
  • 5 mixed letter sound mats
  • voiced consonants
  • unvoiced consonants
  • continuant sounds (a, e, f, i, l, m, n, o, r, s, u, v, w, y, z)
  • stop sounds (b, d, g, k, p, t)
  • 4 mixed consonants mats
  • short vowels mat (a, e, i , o, u)
  • long vowels mat (a, e, i, o, u)
  • digraph mat #1 (wh, ch, sh, th, ck)
  • digraph mat #2 (ph and ng is included)
  • l blends
  • r blends
  • s blends
  • glued sounds (am, an, all)
  • -nk glued sounds (ank, ink, onk, unk)
  • -ng glued sounds (ang, ing, ong, ung)
  • r-controlled vowels
  • vowel teams
  • diphthongs
  • ild, ost, old, olt, ind
  • hard and soft c
  • hard and soft g

There are multiple options you can use for manipulatives to make sound practice fun and engaging! Print and laminate the included car clipart. (The car clipart is available in both a color and black and white version) Glue the cars to popsicle sticks for a fun reading tool students will LOVE using! You can also mini toy cars or car erasers as a fun alternative to the car clipart that is included in this resource!

I hope you and your students LOVE these engaging sound mats for your small groups, one-on-one tutoring sessions, whole group reading lessons, intervention, homeschooling, remediation practice, and more! This resource aligns to the science of reading in that it provides explicit, repeated practice with letters and sounds.

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