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These flower seed themed math activities will get students counting, comparing, writing, and using fine motor skills.  Perfect for use in small groups, centers, independent work, or for fast finishers in your preschool, pre-k, special education, kindergarten, or home school classroom. 

Activities Included:

Feed the Flower

What's Included:
-Number word cards 1-20

-Number cards 1-20

-7 Optional recording sheets (color/trace/write the number in 1-10, 11-20, or 1-20)

**Everything comes in color and black and white

To Play:

Choose between using numbers or number words. Have students choose a card and feed the flower that many ”seeds”. Use pom-poms, buttons, etc. as seeds.

Flower Seed Counting
What's Included:
-Seed cards numbers 1-20
-Flower mats
To Play:
Have students draw one of the adorable seed numbers and place that number of “seeds” in the center of the flower. Ideas for seeds:

Sunflower Seeds, Black Beans, Mini Pom-Poms, & Buttons

Flower Seed Comparing
What's Included:
-24 cards (most/least number of seeds)
To play:
Have students clip the side of the task card that has the most or least amount of seeds. 

Flower Seed Craft
What's Included:
Students cut the seeds and add them to the flower then write the number in the sentence at the bottom.

How many seeds?
What's Included:
-12 Shape cards
-2 Recording sheets
To Play:
Provide students with seeds (seeds, pom-poms, etc.) to create shapes and have them count how many it takes to make each shape. 

Roll, Add, & Color
What's Included:
-1 Worksheet
To play:
Students roll 2 dice, add up the number, and color that number on the sheet.

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