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Celebrate Fire Safety Week with this adorable fire shaped fire safety rules book and fire truck craft!

Your students will learn 11 fire safety rules using interactive activities. This fire safety week thematic unit teaches all about fire safety prevention tips and tools. All shape book pages are black and white for easy prep.

Plus, they will read and recognize sight words using the emergent reader and pocket chart sentences, use beginning sounds or word bank to label the parts of a fire truck, and sort and identify tools of a firefighter.

Complete just one or two pages each day... and at the end of the week, the students will have a handy fire shaped book containing all of the fire safety prevention rules. This is a great way to display and solidify their learning!

SAVE 25% on this Bundle of Activities for Fire Safety Week, when you combine the Fire Truck mini pack with our Fire Safety Rules Interactive Shape Book!


  • Fire Truck Craft Templates
  • Mix & Fix Pocket Chart Sentences
  • Label the Fire Truck Anchor Chart
  • Label the Fire Truck Independent Activity
  • I Can See the Fire! Emergent Reader
  • Tools a Firefighter Does/Does Not Use Sort


  1. Fire Shape Book Covers
  2. Never play with fire!
  3. Don't hide! Go outside!
  4. Get out, and stay out!
  5. Stay low and go!
  6. Stop, drop and roll.
  7. Feel closed doors with the back of your hand.
  8. Test the batteries in your smoke detector each month.
  9. Create a fire escape plan.
  10. Keep away from anything hot.
  11. Do not play with or use electrical outlets.
  12. If there is an emergency, call 911.

I hope your students love learning all about fire safety with this adorable fire safety book and fire truck craft!

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