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Engage your students, as they build fine motor skills with these 20 math and ELA fine motor activities for January! Make the most out of fine motor tubs, morning work, or centers with these hands-on meaningful tasks!

This edition includes a total of 20 fine motor activities for January, plus 2 bonus activities!

  1. Stack a Snowman (pom poms | measurement)
  2. Mixed Up Mittens (clothespins | number order)
  3. Build a Snow Fort (snap cubes or linking cubes | number sense)
  4. Scarf Stripes (paper clips | counting)
  5. Button Count (buttons | one-to-one correspondence)
  6. Pattern Block Pictures (pattern blocks | shape recognition)
  7. Tree-rific Tens (clothespins | subitizing)
  8. Feed the Penguin (pom poms | addition to 5)
  9. Having a Ball with Number Bonds (pom poms | number bonds)
  10. Icicle Chains (chain links | one-to-one correspondence)
  11. Penguin Shapes (popsicle sticks and string | composing 2D shapes)
  12. Hats Off to Patterning (pom poms | patterns)
  13. Build a Snowman (chain links | cvc words)
  14. Colorful Buttons (pom poms or buttons | color word recognition)
  15. Popsicle Stick Pictures (popsicle sticks | sight word recognition)
  16. Fishing for Digraphs (pom poms | beginning digraphs)
  17. Snowman Sounds (clothespins | beginning sounds)
  18. Match the Mittens (chain links | rhyming words)
  19. Marshmallow Middles (chain links | middle sounds)
  20. Sledding through the ABC's (chain links | abc order)
  21. Dough Shop Syllables (play dough | syllable identification)
  22. Sight Word Sweaters (clothespins | sight word recognition)

Prep once and use all month! The fine motor activities for January use common classroom manipulatives. Print and cut each fine motor activity and gather the necessary manipulatives. Each activity can be placed in a bin, tub, or clear baggie so students can easily grab and play independently.

  • Pattern Blocks
  • Snap Cubes / Linking Cubes
  • Play Dough
  • Clothespins
  • Dot Stickers
  • Festive Manipulatives
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Chain Links
  • Paper Clips
  • Pom Poms
  • Buttons

If you like these fine motor activities, you'll also enjoy these name builders and sight word builders, which build fine motor control and name/sight word recognition!

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