Figurative Language | Similes, Metaphors, Hyperboles | Joey Udovich

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Are you ready for your students to master figurative language once and for all? Look no further! This interactive and thought-provoking flip book is filled with activities to help your students create and identify each type of figurative language.
Your students will master writing and identifying the following types of figurative language:
⭐ Similes
⭐ Metaphors
⭐ Hyperboles
⭐ Personification
⭐ Alliteration
⭐ Idioms
⭐ Onomatopoeia

This resource is perfect for...

✔️ Whole group teaching
✔️ Spiral review
✔️ Morning work
✔️ Independent work
✔️ Homework
✔️ Sub plans
✔️ Extra time
✔️ Center work
This item is a PDF. You can select which format to print (black & white or one of two color options), and you will also be able to access my Google Figurative Language Flip Book and Answer Key! Answer keys are provided for both the print and digital resources.
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