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Building Number Sense

Subitizing is an important mathematical concept that can greatly benefit student achievement in counting on, composing and decomposing numbers, place value and arithmetic. Subitizing is the ability to “instantly see" how many. This method of teaching is achieved when students can spontaneously recognize and discriminate small numbers of objects. Students who can successfully subitize are able to “just know” a group of numbers and recognize the pattern.

We teach by subitizing exposing students to number patterns that students can immediately recognize. We train their brain to see organized groups of numbers.

In this subitizing packet, students will work with consistent patterns of dots, dice, ten frames, counting sticks and other familiar math patterns. Best of all, students get to color and play their way to successful subitizing!

*Please note that this is a downloaded pdf file. No physical product will be sent to you.

This packet includes the following:
*Throwing Leaves #1 Subitizing 1-4
* Turkey Subitizing 2-5
* Scarecrow #1 Subitizing 3-6
* Johnny Appleseed Subitizing 1-6
* Throwing Leaves #2 Subitizing 4-7
* Apple Basket Subitizing 5-8
* Scarecrow #2 Subitizing 6-9
* Eating Apples #1 Subitizing 4-9
* Throwing Leaves #3 Subitizing 7-10
* Apple Bobbing Subitizing 8-11
* Raking Leaves Subitizing 9-12
* Eating Apples #2 Subitizing 7-12
* Fall Fun Subitizing 10-13
* Owl Leaves Subitizing 11-14
* Candy Subitizing Subitizing 12-15
* Leaves Review Subitizing 10-15
* Jumping Leaves Subitizing 16-19
* Acorn Fun Subitizing 17-20
* Subitizing BINGO 1-6 (Color and Black and White)
* Subitizing BINGO 7-12 (Color and Black and White)
* Subitizing BINGO 2-12 (Color and Black and White)
* Subitizing BINGO 15-20 (Color and Black and White)

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