Morning Work Tubs Fall Fine Motor Bins for ELA and Math November | Printable Classroom Resource | Differentiated Kindergarten

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What's the difference between dreading morning arrival time and loving it? Morning Work Tubs! Engage your kindergarten students with these Autumn-Themed, fine motor-focused, morning work bins that explore new concepts and offer valuable practice through play for essential skills in both Math and ELA. In this set, you will find everything you need to organize, set up, and get started including 35 activities.
Why Morning Work: ►keeps students engaged in meaningful activities ►provides hands-on practice in essential skills for both ELA and Math concepts ►allows students to work cooperatively with other students ►allows the teacher to complete morning tasks while students work independently ►focuses on essential concepts and standards while incorporating fine motor skills
►builds student confidence as they manage materials and clean-up independently
►are differentiated so all students can feel successful
Skills Targeted In This Set: ✅ fine motor skills ✅ tracing and cutting
✅ letter formation
✅ alphabetic concept
✅ letter/sound correspondance
✅ sight word work ✅ blending cvc words ✅ number recognition
✅ number formation
✅ counting ✅ number/quantity correspondence ✅ ten frame work ✅ sort and count ✅ greater/less than ✅ addition __________________________________________________________________
Here's What You'll Find Inside:
►35 Back To School Tub Activity Printables (including some editable ones for sight word work)
►'I Can . . .' cards with picture and activity instructions to build independence for each station _________________________________________________________________ What teachers are saying:
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I have always been a fan of your morning work stations (and everything else I've bought from your store! :) ) !! This resource was so fun my kiddos!! They look forward to coming in every morning and finding something fun and engaging to do before the bell rings. Thanks!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I didn't even know I needed this! Students are coming directly into my classroom when they arrive this year. I have used this for a sponge activity until morning announcements come on. At first, I had students do it individually in an effort to social distance, but you can't fight the social urges of kindergarten students! Much more engaging with a partner! Fun while practicing not only fine motor skills but other foundational skills as well."
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "These activities have transformed my morning routine! The students are so engaged, and it's so much more than just busy work...they are learning and practicing while having fun at the same time!!!"
Station Activities Included In This Set
  1. Trace And Cut Pages
  2. Dry Erase Tracer Pages
  3. Linking Leafy Words
  4. Linking Acorn Numbers and Quantities
  5. Feathery Sight Words In Sand
  6. Feathery Sight Words Now and Then
  7. Playdoh Acorn Counting Math Mats
  8. Playdoh Acorn Counting Making Ten
  9. Playdoh Turkey and Fill Your Plate Mats
  10. Fall Q-tip Pictures
  11. Autumn Leaves Finger Painting
  12. Hidden Acorns
  13. Hidden Acorns Find and Sort
  14. Hidden Acorns Find, Sort, and Count
  15. Feed The Bird
  16. Leafy Ten Frame Self-correcting Cards
  17. Leafy Ten Frame Self-correcting Cards Counting Before and After
  18. Acorn Grab, Spin, and Win
  19. Self-Correcting Sunflower Seed Count
  20. Self-correcting Acorn Count (0-20)
  21. Acorn Sticker Count
  22. Gel Bead Sort
  23. Gel Bead Roll and Win
  24. Thankful for Legos: Pilgrim Hat, Fall Tree, Turkey
  25. Constructing Letters and Words
  26. Turkey Containers Count and Record
  27. Fall Tree Containers Adding Up
  28. Leafy Lowercase/Capital Matching Puzzles
  29. Leafy Letter Sounds Matching Puzzles
  30. Leafy Simple CVC Words Matching Puzzles
  31. Fall Color Patterns
  32. Shucking Corn
  33. I Spy a Leaf Letter Match Up
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