End of Year Class Yearbook

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End of Year Class Yearbook

Are you looking for a fun activity to fill those last few weeks of school after state testing? We have the perfect project for you and your students: a Class Yearbook!

What is the Class Yearbook?

The Class Yearbook is a special activity where students work together to create a memory book for the end of the year. It's a great way to fill those odd blocks of time with something fun and meaningful. Plus, it’s a keepsake that students will cherish long after the school year ends.

What's Included?

-25 Class Yearbook Pages

-Black and White Options

-Color Options

-Class Autographs Page

-Class Compliment Page

-Next Year Goals Page

-My Class Yearbook Cover Page

How Does It Work?

This project has two parts:

  1. Group Pages: Small groups of students will work together to complete different pages of the yearbook. Each group will get a page to design with drawings, photos, and fun memories from the year.
  2. Individual Pages: Each student gets their page to complete. They can draw or write on the top half and leave space for classmates to write compliments and messages.

Teacher Directions

  1. Print the Templates: Print enough copies of the yearbook template for each student to have one individual page and for each group to have one group page.
  2. Divide the Class into Groups: Split the class into small groups. Each group will work together to complete their assigned page.
  3. Explain the Project: Tell the students about the project and what they need to do. Show them examples if you have any.
  4. Distribute the Pages: Give each group their page to work on, and give each student their individual page.
  5. Set Time for Work: Set aside some time each day or week for students to work on their pages. This can be during those odd blocks of time or whenever it fits best into your schedule.
  6. Combine the Pages: Once all the pages are complete, combine them into one big class yearbook.
  7. Share and Enjoy: Let the students share their work with the class and enjoy looking through the finished yearbook together.

This Class Yearbook is a wonderful way for students to reflect on their year, work together, and create something special that they can take home and treasure. Have fun!

Make the decision NOW to alleviate end-of-year stress:

  • Incorporate reflections on the school year's highlights with your class.
  • Prepare and organize your end-of-year lesson plans in advance!
  • This resource is tailor-made for elementary students.
  • A must-have low-prep resource for educators and parents alike!
  • Accessible as printable materials in black and white!

Who Should Invest in This Resource?
-Teachers seeking hassle-free resources for end-of-year celebrations in the classroom or at home. Educators in search of ready-to-use materials to add a festive touch to their end-of-year curriculum.

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