End of the Year Countdown Activities, Student Awards, Memory Book, Crafts Bundle

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Get ready for your end of the year countdown with these end of year countdown activities, including 110 end of the year student awards, 2 memory books, 3 crafts and 8 theme days! With this MEGA Bundle of End of the Year countdown activities, you will have everything you need to keep students engaged right up to the very last day of school. You’ll get all 15 of my best-selling EOY resources in 1 easy bundle at nearly 40% OFF! Ditch the overwhelm and feel confident and stress-free with the last month of the school year all planned for you!


Celebrate your students, as you send them off to summer, with these end of the year awards and digital awards ceremony! 55 girl and 55 boy award certificates are provided so that you can customize to fit your students. All fields, including student name, teacher name and date are editable. Plus, easily host an awards ceremony with the included PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation. Just project the presentation to present each award. Falling confetti on each award will help create a truly magical end of the year celebration!


Save time by simplifying your end of the year awards ceremony with these no prep, student-created awards! Easily recognize what makes each student special… their talents, abilities and personality, as you celebrate their unique qualities and characteristics! Choose an award that is both fun and meaningful, or even academic. With 110 award crowns, choosing the perfect fit for each student should be easy! Once you have selected your end of the year awards, personalize them with each student’s name. All that’s left is to print your student awards on regular copy paper! That’s it! No card stock, colored ink or gifts needed!

8 X 8” OR 8 ½ X 11” MEMORY BOOKS

Remember the school year with these memory book activities! Create a square memory book that fits the 8 x 8” books from the Target Dollar Spot or Michaels, or use the 8 ½ x 11” option and insert the pages in a three-pronged folder or bind it as a book. 48 template pages are included so that you can customize your end of the year memory book. Each memory book page includes just the right amount of writing for your little learners. When they are finished, they'll have a keepsake that will remind them all about this school year!


Remember the school year with this easy-to-assemble end of the year memory book backpack craft and these writing activities! With 25 printable pages to choose from, customizing your memory book to best fit the needs of your students is easy! Each page has just the right amount of writing for your little learners!


Commemorate the school year with this end of the year graduation craft! Choose from 3 graduate craft templates to easily differentiate and meet your students’ needs. Plus, use your school colors to personalize the craft. Perfect for an end of the year bulletin board display, as well as a treasured keepsake for each student!


Send your students off to summer with this summer bucket list craft! 3 craft options are included. Use just one page as a single writing prompt, stack and staple the pages to create a booklet, or create a flip book. This bucket list craft features easy-to-cut pieces, including straight, diagonal, and curvy lines, making it perfect for your little learners!


Turn off the lights and get ready to shine, as you review math and literacy skills, with these unforgettable Glow Day activities and games! 16 math and literacy glow in the dark theme day centers, as well as a glow stick science experiment, are included to keep your students engaged and learning up until the very last day of school! Plus everything else you need to have a fun-filled glow theme day... editable invitations, reminder bracelets, editable certificates, gift tags, station signs and directions, glow day banners and digital backdrop!


These end of the year Bubble Day activities incorporate all the subjects, including math, science, ELA, art and STEM. On this end of the year theme day, the students make a bubble solution recipe for bouncing bubbles on their hand, determine the best bubble blower, compare the anatomy of a bubble to an Oreo, design a bubble wand, and more. Choose the bubble activities that work best for you, as they are very low prep! Plus, these Bubble Day activities are sure to keep your kiddos engaged during your final countdown to the last day of school!


An end of the year beach party is the perfect opportunity for students to have some “fun in the sun” while reviewing previously taught math and literacy skills! The beach bag is missing, and the beach goer needs your help! Complete 6-8 beach themed centers to solve “The Case of the Beach Bandit.” After the students complete each challenge, they will receive a clue from the culprit. A suspect will be eliminated after each challenge. Make the end of the year a memorable (and learning-filled) celebration, as you determine who stole the beach bag, with these Beach Day activities and centers!


Embark on an adventure of learning and celebrate “under the stars” with these simple Camping Day activities! The Case of the Camping Caper is a creative way to easily host a Camping Day in the classroom, while helping increase student engagement at the end of the year. To solve the case of the stolen s’mores, the students will complete each math and literacy challenge to receive clues and eliminate suspects. A Camping Day at school is the perfect addition to your roster of end of the year theme days!


An end of the year party with ice cream day activities is a fun and festive way to mark the end of the year countdown! Easily review math and literacy skills from the year, with “The Ice Cream Shop Mystery.” Complete up to eight centers to eliminate suspects and discover who has stolen the sundae supplies. Not only is ice cream a delicious treat that everyone can enjoy, it’s also a great way to keep your students learning when the summer itch sets in!


Step right up! Come one, come all to a fun and learning-filled Circus Day at school with The Case of the Missing Peanuts! Help Miss Elephant discover who has stolen her salty snack! Just like real detectives, the students will create case files to hold all of their completed circus activities and suspect elimination sheet. Through a series of up to eight circus themed centers, the students will eliminate suspects and unveil the identity of the peanut thief. This Circus Day escape room allows students to celebrate the end of the year, all while revisiting essential math and literacy concepts covered throughout the year!


Review math and literacy skills, all while integrating science, with these Marshmallow Day activities! Use marshmallows to measure the length of various objects, stack them in a tower and graph how many, compare the volume of various containers using mini and regular marshmallows, design a marshmallow shooter that will shoot a marshmallow the furthest, and more. These marshmallow activities are sure to keep your students learning as you are counting down the days until summer vacation!


Integrate math, science and ELA with these Popcorn Day activities! Conduct a poppin’ corn science experiment, graph and analyze which brand of popcorn pops the best, investigate popcorn using your five senses, hold a popcorn race, practice sight word recognition with a fun game of POP, and more. These low prep activities are sure to pique your students’ interest, especially during the anticipation of the end of the school year!

I hope you love these end of year countdown activities! 

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