Editable Name Practice Mats Fine Motor Name Activities Bundle Back to School

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Engage your students and help them easily learn the letters in their name with these visual, kinesthetic and tactile editable name practice mats! This bundle includes a total of 17 fine motor name practice activities, including 5 hands-on bonus name activities!

Take your word work, fine motor tubs, literacy centers or morning work to a whole new level as your students build their name using these editable name practice mats!

These editable name practice mats are the ultimate time saving name activities for back to school! Plus, these 17 name activities help build fine motor and problem solving skills!

The best part is that these fine motor name activities are low prep! Use the editable file to customize for any first or last name! Simply enter up to 30 names into the editable form, and PRESTO... your names will automatically appear on the name mats! Talk about a huge time saver!

The following name building activities use common classroom manipulatives:

- Pattern Blocks

- Snap Cubes

- Building Bricks

- Magnetic Letters

- Pom Poms

- Play Dough

- Popsicle Sticks

- Alphabet Clips

- Alphabet Beads

- Letter Cubes

- Pony Beads

- Paint and Cotton Swabs

- Push Pins

- Alphabet Stamps

- Wax Sticks / Pipe Cleaners

- Stickers

Please download the preview for a closer look at each name activity!

These Name Builders activities are very similar to my SIGHT WORD BUILDERS, which build fine motor control and sight word recognition!

All fonts are embedded directly in the PDF file. You will need Adobe Reader, which you can download for free, to edit this file.

I hope your students love learning the letters of their name with these fine motor name activities!

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